Spotlight on an Avon Addict

by Erika Tsang

Meet Kate LeBeau, one of our Avon Addicts, super romance readers who spread the word about the books they love to read. Kate was chosen to be one of 28 AAs out of five hundred applicants!

Q: Your bio on your blog mentions that you have over 600 novels on your bookshelves. How are they arranged – by genre, author, or color of the spine?

A: My books are arranged by author last name and then title! I don’t need to arrange them by genre because they’re all romance… but I do separate out the hardcovers from the paperbacks by necessity because of shelf size.

Q: When you meet someone who’s never read a romance before, what novel do you immediately recommend?

A: I will usually ask someone what their favorite book is and then recommend a book based on their go-to genre. But I think I’ll typically recommend a romantic suspense/mystery because the romance takes a back seat to the crime and it’s an easier transition. It’s an in-depth process getting a recommendation from me because I would hate to recommend a book that turns them off the romance genre forever!

Q: What is the book you’ve reread the most?

A: The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston is probably my most read book. I can’t say no to sexy Shifter romances. But the book I’ve owned the longest is Absolutely Positively by Jayne Ann Krentz so there’s a chance that’s my top read (it’s my favorite book ever).

Q: Tea or coffee?

A: Tea! My water intake comes entirely in tea form.


Recently Kate wrote a very thoughtful and insightful – not to mention glowing – review of Marie Tremayne’s Lady in Waiting!

This is the sort of drama I positively love.  Sure, I’m partial to crime and murder, but there’s something really exciting about someone pretending to be someone they’re not.  I’ve read a few romance novels featuring men pretending to be someone else, but this is the first romance novel where the heroine is the one hiding her identity.  Every time Clara kept up the pretense of Helen, servant girl, exhilaration licked at my veins creating a flicker of heat that, by the end of the book, had me near panting with anticipation

Clara ran away from her wedding, but that doesn’t make her weak.  In fact, she’s stronger than many women of her time… even of this time.  I don’t believe there are many women who would give up their status in society to work as a servant in someone else’s household, even if their husband-to-be was an abusive asshole.  Clara is kind, thoughtful, adventurous, and scrappy.

She’s the perfect match for the brooding William whose traumatic past has left him unable to be in society for any length of time. He is temperamental, intelligent, and head over heels for a servant girl he can never have.  At least, not in the way he wants.  I’m usually a little over gloomy men, but there was something about William that drew me.  Maybe it was the fact that his brooding wasn’t unwarranted, but rather completely understandable.  He was so human and leaped off the page to grab my heart.  I’ll be thinking about him for a while.

I absolutely loved them together.  William could hardly hold himself together around Clara and Clara had a hard time keeping up her façade in front of him—she’s far too outspoken for a house maid, one of the things I truly enjoyed about her.  When they came together time after unavoidable time I nearly squealed with delight.  Forbidden pleasure is the best sort, you know?

I can tell that Marie Tremayne’s series The Reluctant Brides is going to be one of my favorites yet.  There is nothing better than delectable romance, especially when it’s written with such talent, such passion, such vigor.  Regency fans will delight in The Lady in Waiting.

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