Spotlight on an Avon Addict – Gaele of I am, Indeed

by Erika Tsang

From a glance through of Gaele’s blog I am, Indeed, it seems she likes many of Avon’s books, which is exactly what we look for in an Addict! She caught my eye recently because she did a rave review of Joanna Shupe’s A SCANDALOUS DEAL. So I wanted to know more about Gaele…

Q: Thinking back to the very first romance you read, what was it and how old were you?

A: I was about 8 or 9 and I snagged a book from my great aunt’s shelf – she was a fan of Barbara Cartland – so it was one of her titles – even though I really didn’t grasp the ‘romance’ elements – I think it was The Blue-Eyed Witch – although by the time I found other romances I had read a bunch of her books.

Q: What are the items on your night stand?

A: Hair ties, moleskin notebook & pen, a charging e-reader, an e-reader charger, 4 books (Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Protecting What’s His by Tessa Bailey, My Dear Hamilton by Stephanie Dray & Laura Kamoie, and A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin) a spare set of earbuds and the adjustable desk lamp for when I read.

Q: Fill in the blank: If I’m not reading, I’m…

A: If I’m not reading (or listening to an audiobook) I’m usually baking and cooking.

Q: Name your book boyfriend.

A: This changes frequently – right now I’m rather fond of Jamie Fraser from Outlander  – but Tyrion Lannister is a close second – this month.

And now here’s an excerpt of Gaele’s review of Joanna Shupe’s A SCANDALOUS DEAL

These two are adorable together, and Phillip is incredibly sweet, charming and laid back. Until they arrive in New York: there he is all business, determined to overcome the many obstacles placed in his path: the ‘woman’ sent in his architect’s place, the workmen’s discontent with a woman on the project, political corruption, and even some clear threats to Eva’s life all make the project unstable, with the completion date being pushed further and further afield. But, there’s something about Eva, and the ease of conversation with her, not to mention the attraction between them. But, the list of secrets and deceptions Eva is hiding could scupper the whole deal, and make her family’s precarious financial situation even more dire.

Proving herself and her work has never been more important to Eva, both personally and professionally. Breaking through Phillip’s hatred of deception to get him to understand the why behind it is the most important thing, second only to completing the hotel and having him impressed with the design and her ability to bring his concept to life. Steam, tension and plenty of subterfuge kept this story moving as pages turned. Both Phillip and Eva have reasons for their behavior, and the attraction between them could power the whole block! Wholly unique with insets of ‘very American’ brashness, the society, corruption and struggle to make the biggest and best, the lovely moments with Phillip’s mother and even the discovery of the many forces trying to stop the construction’s progress kept me engaged and whipping through – happily smiling in the end.

Be sure to check out the rest of this review on Gaele’s blog!