Spotlight on an Avon Addict

by Erika Tsang

I love highlighting our Avon Addicts, super readers we recruit to share their love of romance and Avon books! Today, we are delighted to share a short Q&A with Ezrah Lasola-Tuble.  


How many books have you read since becoming an Avon Addict?

Ezrah: I have been an Avon Addict since 2012, but I have been reading Avon books since I discovered Lisa Kleypas when I was in high school. So, I would say over a thousand books? And I love to reread!


Why did you want to join our team of super readers?

E: I’ve always been a reader since before I can remember. The problem is, I didn’t have anyone to share my love of reading with! Or at least, someone who I can talk romance books with, since my real-life besties aren’t exactly romance readers. When I stumbled upon the Avon Addicts call, I thought it was fate! I had been book blogging (not actively) for a few years and I thought this was an awesome way to talk romance to other like-minded readers. It’s been a few years since I joined AA and I’ve met a lot of awesome romance readers, shared my love for romance, and even met a few of my fellow AAs in person!


You review mostly romances and YAs on your blog, . Do you have a favorite sub-genre of romance?

E: The very first romance sub-genre that I read was a Harlequin Historical romance so historical romance will always be my favorite genre. For a few years, historical romance was the only sub-genre that I read but that has since changed. Now I read a variety of genres and sub-genres, from YA to NA and Adult romance.


What was the first romance novel you ever read?

E: I’m not exactly sure which one it was but it’s either Heaven’s Gate by Erin York or China Star by Karen Keast. Both books were Harlequin Historicals that I bought at a used book store (the only bookstore that sold romance books) in my hometown. Heaven’s Gate is set during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, and China Star is set in America and features a POC heroine.


If you can sit down for desserts with one of your favorite authors, who is that author, and what is the dessert?

E: I’ve met a few of my favorite authors throughout the years but I still haven’t meet the amazing Lisa Kleypas! She’s my most read author and the author that I read most during my angsty teen and young adult years! I always pictured having tea, scones with clotted cream, and chocolate cake with her!


What a perfect segue to Lisa Kleypas’ DEVIL’S DAUGHTER , which goes on sale in just a few months!