Spotlight on an Avon Addict

by Erika Tsang


Amy Valentini is one of our first group of Addicts, super readers who have been spreading the word far and wide about the Avon books they’ve read and loved. Her own blog Unwrapping Romance has featured a wide array of sub genres, and Amy herself is a writer, with her first published book, Seekers of the Past.

So let’s learn a little more about Amy!



Q: You’re one of our original Avon Addicts; what has changed, and what has remained the same (in terms of the books you read and how you go about spreading the word) in the past 6 years?

A: In the over six years I have been an Avon Addict, I have been so fortunate as to have a front row seat to the addition of new and exciting authors to the Avon family, and even though some of my favorites have left, my reading has changed some but not in any major way. With the rise of new romance genres, I’ve had the opportunity to try new kinds of romances but I think I remain loyal to what I’ve always loved.

I still enjoy historical romance, especially from such authors as Karen Ranney, Katharine Ashe, and Tessa Dare…their stories tend to follow more traditional tropes but have expanded to include stronger, more insightful characters, especially the heroines. My enjoyment of contemporary romance has actually grown from when I first became an Addict and more have found their way onto my TBR list. I enjoy the broad range that exists within the contemporary genre now as compared to former years – with more action, humor, and strong, stand on their own two feet, women being represented. I sampled New Adult and M/M romances when they first released but neither one really caught and held my attention. What remains the same probably is my continued love for the unusual and complicated, hence my draw to thrillers, paranormal, and scifi/futuristic romance stories.

As for how I go about spreading the word about books, I believe my ways haven’t changed too much. I’m still a proponent of a well thought out review, blog tours, spotlights, and sharing news of author events as well as online events. With the advent of online book groups, and Facebook release day events, our reach is even greater than when we first began, giving us more ways to spread the love. However, I still share extensively on social media including Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Google +, as well as have a large team of folks at Triberr who loyally share my posts to social media as well. 

Q: What has been your favorite part of being an Addict?

A: Since I enjoy every aspect of being an Addict, I’m hard pressed to pick just one thing but I guess if I had to, I’d say it is the camaraderie and ‘sisterhood’ I have come to know with the other Addicts. We so enjoy each other, discussions of the books, and sharing our appreciation of the authors and the Avon Team. I usually visit the group page on Facebook whenever I log in, which is often over the course of a day, even if it’s the only place I visit, but I also visit Twitter daily to see what’s happening with everyone there.

Q: You wrote a beautiful review of Karen Ranney’s To Love a Duchess. What else have you read recently that you loved?

A: Thank you for those kind words for my review. It was a labor of love to write because To Love A Duchess by Karen Ranney was just an amazing story. It caught my attention from the first page but managed to rip at my heart quite a few times throughout the story. Karen is an amazing writer and that one was by far one of her absolute best. I can’t wait for the next in the series.

I have not read as many books this year as I usually do because of time constraints taking care of my elderly mother, but I cannot survive without reading something. I will have to admit to reading several non-Harper Collins romances that I absolutely thrilled over but there is one HC novel that I absorbed over a long night of no power during a wicked Nor’easter this past winter and that was Countdown, a Cassidy & Spenser thriller by Carey Baldwin from Witness Impulse. I’ve read and enjoyed all of that series, but that one I loved beyond love. It knocked my socks off!

Another one that I read and inhaled like a yummy dessert during that power outage – I love power outages because it gives me such a great opportunity to read – was Tempest by Beverly Jenkins. Her Old West series is one of my favorites because it takes us somewhere different than the usual. She creates such beautiful historical romances with a bit of real life history woven in so we really feel transported back in time. That reminds me, I have several reviews I need to post. I’m rather behind. My bad.

Q: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color are you and why?

A: Hmm…If I were a new crayon in the box…I presume we’re talking about the BIG one with all the special colors…I’d like to think that I am called…Sunrise. It would be a multi-colored crayon of light hues of red, orange, green, and blue representing my reddish hair, green eyes, and my reserve yet outspoken nature that gets lit with passion when it comes to things I love and look forward to doing – like reading and writing romance. By the way it is National Read A Romance Month so I hope everyone is indulging.


Thank you, Amy!

To read more reviews by Amy, check out her her blog, Unwrapping Romance!