What we’re looking for right now:


In 2019, we want big, high concept historical and contemporary romances, as well as smart, funny romantic comedies! Primarily, inclusive and diverse romances that reflect our world–all sexualities, races, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, body types, disabilities, and ages!

*Unfortunately, we do not publish or acquire children’s/picture books, Young Adult, middle grade, nonfiction, or poetry.

Helpful Hints and Guidelines

Toss away your ideas of what Avon is all about, and read here for how to write for Avon Romance and Avon Impulse! We publish new authors in both print and digital-first.

What might get you noticed:

Fabulous heroes who believe consent is sexy but also know what they want—their love interest, of course—and will give that person everything he or she desires.

Heroines unafraid to take chances in life…and in love. She’s smart and she’s never afraid to stand up for herself.

You choose the setting, just make sure it’s utterly romantic! We want to be able to immerse ourselves in the wonderful world that you’ve created.

Trope-heavy stories with a great hook—a new, unique twist on a tried and true trope is always 1-click material!

A few necessary facts:

-Formatting choices are up to you. If we can read it, you can submit it.

-You don’t need an agent.

-No need to submit to a specific editor. If a specific editor has requested your manuscript, please let us know and we’ll get it to her.

-You should receive an answer in about six months. If you don’t hear from us by then, please email with the name of your manuscript and the date of your original submission so an editor can check the inbox. Note: all submissions must come through our form first! Any first time subs sent directly to the above email address will not be considered. Please only email to follow up on previously submitted manuscripts! 🙂

Be Creative! Be innovative! And don’t hesitate to submit to Avon today through Avon Impulse!

Erika Tsang

When Editorial Director Erika Tsang was in the 8th grade, her Health Education teacher confiscated the Nora Roberts romance she’d been reading under her desk during class. Then he wrote in her yearbook: “May you start reading healthier books”. Taking that to heart, she began her career at a medical publisher where she had to catalog 4-color photos of things she’d rather forget about. But she was still reading romance novels under her desk. So she decided to go back to her first love and now spends her days reading romances on her desk and looking over photos of vampires, dukes and Highlanders for covers.

When not travelling (Erika is known around the office as the traveler of the group. She did a 10-day tour of North Carolina on a whim, took 12 hours to drive from New York City to Pittsburgh when it should’ve taken 6 because she couldn’t just drive by “The Hot Dog King” or the Crayola Factory, and took Amtrak cross-country with a stop in Minneapolis to check out the Mall of America), she is constantly on the lookout for high-concept romantic suspense and dark angsty historicals.

May Chen

Executive Editor May Chen has been reading wildly inappropriate books since the age of nine. She thought the Sweet Valley High series was salacious until she discovered the romance section in her Queens, NY library and read Shirlee Busbee’s SPANISH ROSE, and Laurie McBain’s CHANCE THE WINDS OF FORTUNE. She’s never been the same since.

After an identity crisis which lead to brief stints in the legal and finance field, May found her way back to the right path by getting her foot in the door at Morrow/Avon. And she’s been there ever since. Now happily reading and working on all the happily-ever-afters she can ask for, she’s the lucky ducky editor of smart, emotional historicals, sexy contemporary romances and angsty romantic suspenses.

When not eating, reading, sleeping, she enjoys an unhealthy amount of reality tv, Cheetos and wine. To see pictures of her French bulldog and calico cat (with occasional forays into the publishing world), follow her on twitter @aMAYzingChen

Tessa Woodward

Tessa Woodward, Senior Editor, has been at Avon since 2005. She would like to thank the three most influential people in her career choice—Archie Andrews, Gilbert Blythe, and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Reading (and rereading) their stories, along with anything else that contained written words (shampoo bottles, cereal boxes, subway ads, the internet) helped her realize that if she didn’t find a job that allowed her to read all day, she’d never get anything done.

Luckily, she made a match at HarperCollins and she’s living happily ever after with her stable of fabulous, talented, award-winning authors. Since there’s never enough to read, she’s always on the lookout for fresh, new voices and exciting stories of all types. Follow her on twitter @TessaofAvonlea for very important thoughts on books, tea, and her #mswl.

Nicole Fischer

Editor Nicole Fischer has been on the hunt for the next great romance for as long as she can remember. From reading Jude Deveraux with a flashlight at 4am, to secretly ordering used Sandra Brown paperbacks with her mother’s credit card, she’s always had her nose buried in a love story—or what she wished was a love story (Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson did not get enough action).

Originally from Southern California, Nicole never imagined her obsession with romance novels would take her to the East Coast in the dead of winter. But the lure of big city life—and an internship at a literary agency—was too tempting to pass up. A year later, she landed her dream job at Avon and the rest, as they say, is history. Nicole currently edits many talented authors and is looking for fun, fresh, diverse voices across all subgenres of romance. Right now, she’s hoping to see more raunchy rom coms, steamy contemporary romances, and witty, subversive historicals.

Follow her on Twitter at @nicolefischer13 for the occasional sarcastic, dirty or just plain ridiculous #OverheardatAvon tweets.

Elle Keck

Growing up, Associate Editor Elle Keck thought she’d spend her life in the hallowed halls of academia, churning out papers on nineteenth century Britain. Alas, that was not in the cards, but thankfully, she was able to combine her knowledge of pelisses and petticoats with her passion for historical romances. An avid reader of all things Avon, she was delighted to join the team in 2014 where she edits a fantastic list of smart, gripping, and bestselling romances.

Elle’s always on the hunt for high-concept historical romances that make her laugh and make her cry, women’s fiction for the young, smart millennial reader, and inclusive narratives in all genres and subgenres. If you enjoy musings on The Bold Type, feminist rants about the genre, and live coverage of all awards shows, follow her on twitter at @ellekeck.

Because our goal is to publish great stories in a great way. Avon means quality, which means you’ll be working with some of the best in the business: editors who spot trends, and develop talent while overseeing your manuscript and working with you to manage our career; marketers with proven relationships with all on line retailers, whose knowledge of strategic pricing and on line advertising is top–notch; publicists with their expertise in social media and promotional campaigns, who can get the word out about your book. But don’t just take our word for it. Here is some information we hope will help you decide on the best publishing plan for you.

It’s the digital-first publishing imprint of Avon Books. Each month our goal is to build an exciting list of fresh, exciting voices, which means we’re always looking for new talent! At Avon, we’re known for our personalized approach to publishing. We promise, you’ll know our names, phone numbers, email addresses and twitter handles. You’ll be hearing from us often. You’ll receive major house effort with boutique TLC, making Avon Impulse a fantastic place to launch your romance writing career.

Click here to meet the editors! Your editor will be your loudest cheerleader and biggest fan from contract to publication. She’s there to ensure your vision for your cover and copy comes true. She’s your point person and trouble shooter, making sure everything runs smoothly during the editing process.

When you sign with Avon Impulse, you are acquiring a team responsible for art, copy, marketing, social media support, and publicity—and more: A foreign rights staff determined to make your book available in other languages; a legal team protecting your work from piracy; a the subrights group pitching your romance novel to the book clubs. Our goal is to sell as many copies of your book, in as many venues, as possible.

Because every book is different, our marketing plans aren’t cookie cutter. But we can promise the following: e-galleys sent to key reviewers and bloggers, featured placement on the From the Heart newsletter, consideration for strategic pricing and key account promotions, and targeted Facebook advertising. In addition, you’ll be supported by the Avon Addicts a group of superfans who talk all Avon, all the time!

Everywhere! Your work will be available globally at all the major online retailers. If your fans want print, every book longer than 25,000 words will be available in print at those same retailers. World English language distribution ensures that your book will be available in English around the world, and our subrights department will work hard to get your book translated.

Avon Impulse royalties are 50% after the first 10,000 copies sold and start at 25%. (These terms are without an advance.) The print books receive standard mass market royalties.

Yes! While every Impulse title over 25,000 words is available in print, we’ve moved a number of Impulse authors onto our mass market and trade paperback lists, including Vivienne Lorret, Jennifer Ryan, Christy Carlyle, Mia Sosa, and more!

Contemporary romances and historical romances, romantic comedies, and romantic suspense. Check our Welcome tab for more detailed guidelines and information about the submission process. Unfortunately, we do not publish or acquire children's/picture books, Young Adult, middle grade, nonfiction, or poetry.