Harry and Meghan: My Wedding of the Century

by Elle Keck

The most important day of the year has come and gone–yes, I’m talking about the Royal Wedding between HRH Prince Harry and #myprincess Meghan Markle!

If you were one of the millions and millions of people who watched, you know how special it was. Beyond the hype and the watch parties, it felt truly magical, watching two (obviously gorgeous) people declaring that they loved each other more than anyone else. And on a world stage.

I cried, something completely unsurprising to anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me. Or if you read my slightly deranged H&M engagement post here on the blog! It was pretty much the most perfect wedding in history so now I can’t get married without living with the knowledge that it would be a mere shadow in comparison.

And now, for the photos!!

(Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images)

Prince Harry and some guy who was his best man 😉 Harry looked really happy but also very nervous until he saw Meghan during the ceremony and gave us this heart-eyes worthy gif:


(Courtesy AP)

Meghan’s gown was so simple and perfect and truly made her and Harry, and not the dress, the center of the wedding. And the veil! Basically this image makes me want to curl up and die because it’s so perfect.


Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Does this remind anyone else of the wedding scene from The Sound of Music aka the scene I’ve been planning to show my someday wedding planner? Clearly, I’m obsessed with having an enormous veil/train combo

Also I have never looked at anyone like this: IT’S TRUE LOVE GUYS

Kate and Wills’ wedding was lovely, but there was something really special about this one. Maybe it’s because they looked like this the entire time or maybe it’s because the British elite don’t know what American preaching is.

This image is also giving me some serious How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria vibes

There was some great singing and cello playing (please check it out, it was incredible) and then the most important moment for all of us: THE KISS.

Since they didn’t get married in London, they didn’t have the traditional balcony kiss but honestly, this one was good enough for little ol me.


They both just looked so happy and I was happy (and full of scones slathered in clotted cream and jam) and it was just the best.

Plus she later showed up in this insane second dress with Harry looking like a better Bond and I lost it.

(WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

(WPA Pool / Getty Images)

And then they rode off into the sunset, ready to dance to Whitney Houston and Elton John and also probably solve crimes!


This morning, we received some official photos from the palace. There are only three which doesn’t quite satisfy me, but we did get this gem.

(Kensington Palace)

I’m still not over this wedding (I’LL NEVER BE OVER IT) so maybe I’ll do another post with just the guests. Oprah was there!

Thanks for being on this journey with Harry, Meghan, and me.