Happy Harry & Meghan Day!

by Elle Keck

Hello all,

Blessings to you on this most joyous day of the year. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their engagement! You may have guessed that I’m VERY excited about this news. Did I cheer? Yes. Did I tear up? Yes. Did I already mention how I needed their wedding day off work? Yes. But it’s not about me, it’s about Harry and Meghan.

We’ve all been anticipating this news for a while–that Vanity Fair cover was a sign–and we were not disappointed.

The magnificent Erika Tsang has tasked me with compiling some of my favorite H&M photos, possibly because she knew it’s the only thing I care about right now. So in honor of Engagement Day, soon to be a national holiday in England and the US, here is the best royal couple ever (sorry Kate, you’re good too).



Their interview is up and let me tell you, it’s a freaking delight.


(Photo by Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Look at them! THEY’RE SO IN LOVE! This was from today’s photo call, a few hours after their engagement. Her white coat is flawless and apparently the retailer’s website has already crashed with people trying to buy it.


(Photo Getty Images)

Have I ever felt joy like this? I don’t think so. Although I am as happy as if today was my engagement to Prince Harry. The fact that I’m not mad at Meghan for ruining a lifelong dream is testament to how incredible she is.


(Image: REX/Shutterstock)



The ring has one diamond from Botswana and two diamonds from Diana’s collection.

The ring! Apparently the ring uses diamonds from Princess Di’s collection of jewels but this isn’t totally confirmed. What I can confirm is that her manicure is flawless.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

I can’t forget a full shot so we can see her amazing coat in all it’s glory. His suit is also nice but his Napoleon hand action steals the show.


But let’s travel back in time, before we were blessed with today’s news…

Harry and Meghan were rumored to be together for a while before their first public sighting in February 2017.  But the watershed moment that proved to everyone that naughty Harry was serious was a beautiful press release. That’s right, I said a BEAUTIFUL press release.


His girlfriend. He said it. In writing. Is it wrong that a huge piece of me said, Take that Cressida? I might have thought the same thing this morning as well. Whoops!


And then came the Vanity Fair cover. Graydon Carter decided he would do one good thing before leaving and he gifted us with this masterpiece. She is effortlessly, flawlessly gorgeous. I can’t with this. Please read the article so you can see the stunning shots.


Credit: Euan Cherry/WENN.com

Their first official outing came not long after the magazine, a wonderfully orchestrated move from the literal queen of PR, the queen. Her outfit is flawless, her hair is chic, and their eye contact is so sexy I’m gonna die.


Which brings us back to today, the day of blessings. They’re supposed to be doing an official interview soon that we will all watch with bated breath. And I can only hope the royal wedding souvenirs will be on sale for me to buy pronto. For now, I’ll leave you with this video that I’ve already watched 5x today. Congrats Meghan and Harry! Your children will be gorgeous!