This Is Life

by admin


Crying out solemnly.

Crying as loudly as silence.

Words pouring out unspoken

The deep inside feeling gone.

I’m lost.

I searched my way,

But the road vanished

As invisible as invisible itself.

Nothing goes my way,

Nothing comes my way.

Loss of hope; loss of dignity,

Everything that is lost,

Has become a part of mine.

A thousand mile I walked.

A thousand mile I shall walk.

Today will be gone as yesterday

And morrow will come as today.

But I will remain me.

Another dawn breaks

With reds and yellows of sun;

Hour races by

With ticking of seconds and minutes.

A tyranny of burden comes

With just one mistake in life.

Souls be burn away,

Dreams are taken away;

This ain’t anyone’s world.

Ours is a sojourn.

Dreams are just dreams

And reality is the fate.

And fate is to be faced.

This is life.