A Tale As Old As Time...

by Erika Tsang

We’re so excited that Beauty and the Beast will be opening this Friday!

Most of us grew up with Disney princesses, and some of us can even point to them as the initiation for our love for romance novels. Now, there’s even more appreciation for these princesses, as they’ve evolved into heroines in their own right. They’re no longer waiting for their princes to come rescue them but do the rescuing themselves. Belle, in particular, inspires our beastly hero to take another look at himself…and he transforms into the man more deserving of such a heroine.

Can’t wait for the movie either? Here’s BEAST, a classic Judith Ivory:

An exquisite American heiress, Louise Vandermeer is beautiful, brilliant. . . and bored-which is why she has agreed to a daring adventure: to travel across the ocean to marry an aristocrat abroad. Rumor has it her intended is a hideous cad-a grim prospect that propels her into a passionate, reckless affair with a compelling stranger she never sees in the light of day.

Though scarred by a childhood illness, Charles d’Harcourt has successfully wooed Europe’s most sophisticated beauties. For a lark, he contrived to travel incognito on his own fiancee’s ship-and seduce the young chit in utter darkness. But the rake’s prank backfired. It was he who was smitten-while the hot-tempered Lulu, now his wife, loves only her shipboard lover, unaware it was d’Harcourt all the time! And Charles will never have her heart-unless he can open her eyes to the prince who hides within.