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Suzanne Enoch – Sin and Sensibility

Sin and Sensibility ruined me. This book is now the benchmark of brilliance a novel must pass to win my fickle affection. With just this book, Ms Enoch became one of my favourite authors. Which is a tough call – I’ve read a heap of books and authors over the years, so I consider myself relatively well-read in the romantic scope. But just moments into this story, she had me for life. She doesn’t mess around. This story begins with our glib-tongued hero receiving fellatio from a married woman. Talk about throwing us straight into the fire. Eleanor Griffin just wants to have fun. This seemingly innocent pleasure is complicated by her three insufferably protective brothers, one of which is a duke. Deciding to seize her future in her own hands, Nell declares her Independence. Her brother will in no way interfere with her life, allowing her to make her...

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