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Romance writer Beverly Jenkins interviews urban fantasy noir author Richard Kadrey

Check out this interview posted on RT Book Reviews between beloved Avon historical romance author Beverly Jenkins and hardboiled urban fantasy noir author Richard Kadrey: We love it when authors remind us that they're readers, too. When romance author Beverly Jenkins confessed that she was a huge fan of urban fantasy writer Richard Kadrey — author of the Sandman Slim series — we were more than a little surprised. Said Jenkins of Kadrey: “I didn't think anyone could replace Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden at the top of my hit parade but Stark is bearing down on Harry like a semi rolling at 80!” We asked Jenkins if she'd like to interview Kadrey, and based on this thoughtful, hilarious interview, she is definitely a fan! *** Beverly Jenkins: In looking at your bio, you come off as a twenty-first century renaissance man. You’re an award winning writer, artist, photographer, lecturer, a “degrader...

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