Spotlight on RITA Finalist Laura Lee Guhrke

by Erika Tsang

Romance Writers of America’s National Conference is only a week away! One of the special events during conference is the RITA award ceremony, where the Romance community honors the published works of Romance authors. It’s basically the Oscars of the Romance world!

This week, we’re going to spotlight each of Avon’s finalists. To start us off is Laura Lee Guhrke, whose NO MISTRESS OF MINE finaled for Historical Romance (long):

Q: Why does RWA/RITAs still matter to you, to the romance community?

LLG: RWA is an incredibly supportive organization. You can always find people to help you, writers willing to share information and offer insight. It’s an amazing resource full of incredibly talented and knowledgeable people. The RWA RITA Award is the highest honor a romance writer can receive, and an incredible achievement for any author.

Q: Favorite book you read this year?

LLG: The Secret Life of Violet Grant, by Beatriz Williams. Ms. Williams was a new-to-me author, and the book was so amazing, I immediately ordered all her other books. All have been great reads.

Q: Favorite scene from NO MISTRESS OF MINE?

LLG: When the hero realizes he loves the heroine. He’s walking in the rain, getting soaked, oblivious to everything around him, agonized because he knows the price he would have to pay to have her is to give up everything else in life that matters to him, and he realizes he’s willing, even glad, to pay that price.

After spending his youth as one of the wildest rakes in the ton, Lord Denys Somerton has devoted the past six years to putting his past behind him. He is determined to fulfill his duties, find a suitable wife, and start a family, but that plan changes when Lola Valentine—the red-haired temptress from his past—returns to London, sparking the same irresistible desires that almost ruined his life once before.

Lola is a woman with no romantic illusions. She knew love would never be enough for a British lord and an American girl from the wrong side of the tracks. For Denys’s sake, she walked away from him and the glittering life he offered. But when an unexpected inheritance brings her back to London, Lola discovers the passion between them is as hot as ever. Can they vanquish it, or will it burn out of control again and destroy them both?