Something Borrowed: The Secret Life of Lady Julia

by admin

First impressions are everything! That is why, in my opinion, redemption stories are hard to write. To transform a character from bad to good, it definitely needs more sympathy from us. This is what ‘The Secret Life of Lady Julia’ by Lecia Cornwall has missed.

A betrothal to a duke was supposed to set a life of luxury for Lady Julia. But those plans were broken, when she encountered Thomas Merritt, a well-known jewel thief, who ended up taking more than her precious jewels. Now a paid companion to an English diplomat and his family, Julia is rebuilding her life in Vienna where both trouble and love has come to greet her. Inconvenient circumstances bring Julia and Thomas together for one last thievery and if successful, they can finally get closure and move on. That’s only if they’re successful…

With other subplots happening at once, these main characters will not meet again for a significantly long time! As a result, I don’t find Julia and Thomas’ relationship remotely believable. More scenes of them alone, were needed for me to be convinced that Thomas is the romantic hero. He was simply the big jerk who seduced her…at her own betrothal ball! As a reader, I didn’t know the characters well enough. Everyone felt one dimensional. However, the author did a great job in forming a love triangle!

Lecia Cornwall did create a book with great adventures! She did a wonderful job in setting up scenes and provided lots of action that still led me to continue with the book.

Compared to my last post, I found ‘The Secret Life of Lady Julia’ filled with suspense and adventure but not much on romance- or at least a believable love story.


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