Something Borrowed: Surrender to the Earl

by admin

I’ve always believed that for a romance novel to capture my attention, the characters must have believable sexual chemistry and a handful of seductive scenes. When I have a book in my hand, I actually take a sneak peek in the middle just to see how the author had wrote those scenes. From that quick glance, I already made up my mind if l would like this book or not (this is one of the reasons why I’ve used my eReader more and more). However, I guess, once in a while there comes a book that makes you remember why the genre is called, romance. ‘Surrender to the Earl’ by Gayle Callen is that type of a reminder.

In ‘Surrender to the Earl’, Audrey Blake always believed that her blindness shouldn’t be in the way of her independence. Unfortunately, her family doesn’t see that way. With her patience running out, she seeks the help of Robert Henslow, the Earl of Knightsbridge. The earl was in the same regiment as her dead husband and was in the middle of returning to his ancestral home … which happens to be nearby Audrey’s inherited home. In order to move Audrey away from her family in a scandal-free fashion, Robert proposes a fake engagement. It was supposed to be an easy drop off but the Earl of Knightsbridge can’t seem to let go of the fact that this engagement wasn’t supposed to be real.

I assume that Audrey’s disability dictated the author’s decision on the pace of the story. ‘Surrender to the Earl’ is a very slow paced book that I’ve read in a long time. Not a lot of overwhelming adventures, passion, guns, fights or scandals. When I think about it, a lot of books sometimes try to contain or amplify the degree of all of these things. It’s nice to see (in thanks to this book) that I don’t need to be scandalized or seduced to continue reading. Gayle Callen very much focuses on the two main characters falling in love.

Audrey is very much innocent. She is a rebel in her own way, where she will eventually get things her way. This goes hand in hand with her stubbornness, particularly when it comes to Robert and their relationship. Robert is filled with guilt even before he met this widow. I guess this is why he’s not a seducer (like every Earl seems to be) and he’s genuinely supportive and protective of Audrey. This book is really about good storytelling without the hoopla!

However, I felt the ending was rushed. All the problems seem to be solved in one neat chapter. It should have been thought out more. I guess that’s the consequence of a slow paced book. Great read on a rainy day!


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