Sherri + Erron #FridayImInLove Catalyst Couple

by Angela Craft

Avon Romance is thrilled to partner with Catalyst Wedding Co. to highlight true life love stories on our page in a new feature we’re calling #FridayImInLove. Every few weeks, we will post a personal vignette, each reflecting the many beautiful, diverse ways we can find our own HEA in the real world. This week’s #CatalystCouple is Sherri and Erron, who knew they were meant to be – their engagement was only 10 days long!

Sherri + Erron. Photo credit: Erika Ryan


Sherri: Our story began on a hot Saturday night July  29, 2016. For the first time in over 4 years, I was having a night out with the girls. I was on the dance floor shaking my money maker and enjoying being kid free as I was hanging with my friends, when I was approached by a dark handsome man asking if I wanted to dance.  Without a hint of hesitation I said yes. The first few songs were popular dance tunes, but as the DJ turned to his slow set, we stayed out on the dance floor holding each other close and softly talking to one another. Before we knew it, we found ourselves deep in a conversation that actually caused us to stop dancing and just talk. I had never met anyone that could hold such a riveting and intelligent conversation while wearing a cowboy hat and dancing to hip hop music. We took the conversation off the dance floor and before the night was over we had exchanged numbers.

Erron: After my discharge from the Army an old buddy, Terrell, told me of an IT job in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He insisted that I take the job with his company. He was excited that we could be roommates and hang out like we did during the good old days in Kaiserslautern, Germany. That’s just what we were doing on that Saturday night in July, when there she was on that dance floor. She was absolutely stunning and radiant. She was breathtaking. The cocky me leans over to Terrell and says “I’m going in;” now honestly I truly felt that there was no way I’ll even get more than two words out her before she rejects my offer to dance. To my surprise she said yes. “Here’s my one shot to make a good impression. Relax and be yourself,” I said quietly as I took her hand and the room seemed to fade as we started to dance.

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Photos by: Erika Ryan