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Annie Knows What Love Is

Late in the midnight hour after Annie had done things to me I've never dreamed of, we parted ways not knowing if we would ever see each other again. That night back in my hotel room, I didn't remember what I had for lunch or what color shirt I had on. The thoughts I had was of Annie,

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Memoir of a C-Suite Swinger

Prologue: Friends of mine have often asked me, “How could you? You, a Republican, a powerful executive, a pillar of the community. Swinging?” At that time, I would have laughed and said, “What’s wrong with a double life?” I was foolish. I thought I was jaded because I indulged in sin but I was actually naïve. I thought I could live a life without love and without faith. A good woman helped me realize the error of my ways. In order to love her, I must cleanse myself of my sinful past. Here is my confession. Room Service: “Mack, your team is waiting,” Claire, my Executive Assistant, handed me my talking points, the meeting agenda, a Montblanc fountain pen, breath mints, and a bag of gummi bears. “Without you, I’d be lost,” I gave her arm a half-pat and made a mental note, yet again, to do something for her,...

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Annie, "The Day after her big O surprise"

The best Annie could make out from Teddy was he's now speaking an alien language, she couldn't understand a word he was saying. Annie helped Teddy regain solid footing and pointed to her nose while washing his penis again, but Teddy couldn't talk, Annie has that affect on him.

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Bridesmaid for Hire

Fun little story about a professional bridesmaid! Gives new meaning to always the bridesmaid, never the bride

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Sweet Bliss

Here is a little tidbit from my manuscript "Sweet Bliss"...hope you enjoy it! “Call it magic, call it true, call it magic, when I'm with you,” Cole mouths in my ear as “Magic” by ColdPlay sounds over the speakers. The warmth of his breath causes shivers up my body and down to that sweet spot between my thighs that is nearly drenched from the temptation of these past few moments. My steps and senses are synchronized flawlessly with his, my body fits with his like a glove. He always makes it feel like it’s just him and I and our impenetrable bubble when we dance. No one else matters. It’s…magical. “I wanna fall, I fall so hard,” I mouth in his ear, alongside the lyrics as the song nears the end, squeezing him tightly, wanting him so desperately close it’s almost painful. The truth is, I’ve already fallen. Hard. There...

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Annie, First shot, Bullseye

Once in the shower Teddy was a perfect gentleman. He didn't grab a tit, or squeeze an ass cheek nor grab a handful of pussy. Naw, none of that, he was banking on a little throat after the penis wash.

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I'm really getting excited now... My contemporary romance book is almost ready for publication! So keep your eyes peeled for THIS: This may be old news for some of you, but this book is actually the very first book I ever wrote...many, many years ago... Last January (2014) I finally started the massive re-write that it really needed. I had planned to have it published by fall, but then... we decided to buy a house: And we moved in exactly 3 days before Thanksgiving... Yes, we had dinner here with the kids and grand kids... Then came all the unpacking... and then Christmas... (Notice there are absolutely NO ornaments on the tree...since I hadn't found the bin they were in yet.) Finally... got back to my proof...and went to work...proofing...and I just finished yesterday... Now awaiting my final copy before the big publication day! Here's the whole cover, ISBN and...

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Annie... "Man in the Shower"

"Teddy you don't want to bathe me, you want to play around" Annie said while continuing to dry him off. Teddy said "you're wrong, I just want to return the favor, that's all."

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