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The Unexpected Submissive

Chapter One Sebastian       Her laugh was what got my attention. I’d finally given in to my Uncle’s wish to attend his bi-annual charity event, so here I found myself listening to a bunch of rich old men lamenting about their “younger days.”  Her laugh, though, got my full attention.  It was light and sweet.  She was laughing at something Dr. Fitzgerald said.  The man had to be at least ninety, yet what ever he said brought a pretty blush to the girl’s cheeks.  She hugged the old man, patted his cheek then moved along to someone else who wanted her attention.        I wasn’t sure how long I’d been watching the young woman flit around the large ballroom but my uncle had obviously noticed and made mention of it.  I’d stopped paying attention to the conversation around me sometime ago.      “Would you like me to introduce...

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Chapter Ten (1) - Snow Phoenix and Me

I began to think about retirement. With the demise of my business agent, I realized that no new contracts would be forthcoming for me. But I did not go to pieces because of this. After getting mired with this liquidation shit for donkey's years, I was fed up with it anyway. It was high time to cast away my guns. Also, when Suet-foong came into my life, she changed me. I could no longer feel my adrenalin pumping in excitement when I blew somebody's brains off, like in the case of Mayor Tan Chin. Right now, the only thing able to stir me up was the soft moans and the pleasurable writhing of my wife when we made love. Guess her flame of femininity, ignited by both the god and beast in her, had morphed me from a killer into a lover, if you know what I mean. Blame it...

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Annie ( Chapter 28)

Every now and then he would kiss and suck her inner thigh. Annie patted him on his head and said that's my good boy.

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The concluding part of Chapter 9 in Snow Phoenix and Me

There was another round of praying for God's blessing on us before Father Buckingham finally pronounced us man and wife. "You may kiss the bride, Fighting Dragon," he concluded with a smile. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the newly-minted Mrs. Akecheta Lung and I went to a classy restaurant where I picked a nice, cozy corner for optimum privacy and ordered the best champagne - money was no object. She did not drink, but for today, she was game for a glass or two. "And what would your parents say to our marriage?" I asked, toasting her. "I bet they will be happy and proud." "Nope, I bet they will burn you at the stake," she replied, sipping her champagne. Was she taking another stab at humor? Was I supposed to laugh? Her somber visage told me otherwise. "Come on, you don't really mean that," I said, trying to downplay...

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Persuasion in the Pantry- Chapter 12

Circumstance had placed three feisty maids below stairs but destiny was due to take them in odd and exciting directions. One to the stage, the other to the young Queens secret guard, and the last of the three was to venture to the inevitable glittering ballroom, but all paths were to lead to a charming and devilish Rake. For, much more is stored in the kitchen than eggs and flour - in the Bexley House, there is Persuasion in the Pantry.

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Annie ( Chapter 27)

Annie said I know that Teddy, but I need to put something under the tree for you. Teddy patted Annie on her ass and said just put a bow on this and I'm the happiest man in the world. Annie asked Teddy if he could tell her ass was getting bigger before her mom said something yesterday.

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Midnight Assistant: You vs Them

Chapter 27 Mine Sliding her feet into her black timberland boots Chaerin grabbed her black coat out of her closet and made her way out of the door a sour look on her face as she made her way down the walk way. "I can't believe Jennie." Chaerin said as he closed her gate only to stop in her tracks when she spotted a white Bentley in front of her house. Walking towards the car she looked into the window to see Jiyong sitting there his head back and eyes closed as he gripped the steering wheel, so walking closer she tapped on the window the sound making him snap out of his deep thoughts. Looking over at her he glared at her showing his irritation. "Shit." Chaerin murmured to herself as he opened the door causing her to take a step back. And before he could say a word she found herself bowing. "I am so sorry about the scene Jennie unnie caused today in your studio." she said "I'm going to have a long talk with her to ensure this doesn't happen again." she continued with her head down. "Really Jiyong I'm sorry." Chaerin said as she stood straight up and looked into his eyes. Standing there the anger Jiyong was feeling as he drove seemed to disappear the moment he heard her voice, so letting out a low sigh he ran his long fingers through his hair and looked at her. "Get in the car." he said as he turned and climbed in his car. "Hurry up." Jiyong said before closing the door. Standing there Chaerin was kind of taken back by his response and stood there for a moment but was soon brought back down to earth when she heard him blow his horn, jumping slightly she ran to the passenger side and slid in the car. Upon closing the door she looked at Jiyong who glanced at her before shifting gears and driving off. "W…was there something else you needed to talk about?" Chaerin asked as she snapped her seatbelt feeling slightly uncomfortable from his silence. Without a word Jiyong continued to drive focusing on the road ahead. Even though he was silent his mind was filled with a torrent of questions. Where the hell did the anger he was feeling a while ago disappear to? Why did he suddenly feel at ease with her in his sight? Where the hell was he even planning on taking her once she got into his car? "Ji where are we going?" Chaerin asked pulling him from his thoughts. "How did they find out about me? Did you tell them?" Jiyong asked as he looked over at her 'God she's beautiful' he thought as he watched her bite her bottom lip. "Umm...well, sorry about that as well. Jennie and Minzy had overheard a conversation I was having with Dr. Lee." she replied as she looked at him. "Oh.' Jiyong replied. "So where are we going?" Chaerin asked again. ".....I don't know yet." he answered honestly making her laugh softly. "So, um how are you feeling I mean is your body okay?" Jiyong asked as he glanced over at her as they waited for the light to change, his question bringing a small smile to her face. "Why, are you worried you hurt me last night?" she asked looking at him then biting her bottom lip. "Maybe." he replied as the light changed and he pressed on the gas. "Maybe huh, well then maybe I'm alright." Chaerin answered as she rolled her eyes, her response making Jiyong inwardly laugh as he thought to himself how cute she was. "I usually hold back more when with human partners since they're so fragile compared to vampires, but last night..." he said stealing a quick glance from the side of his eye stopping his words when he noticed her expression change. 'Did he really just bring up his other partners while talking to me?' Chaerin asked herself a shiver from the jealousy she felt running through her body. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath to calm herself. 'No point of getting upset he has to sleep with woman to feed...wait vampire partners.' she thought. "Jiyong, can vampires feed on other vampires?" "No, it’s impossible just like having children those are the two main reasons we mingle with humans." "So pretty much humans to your kind are mere cattle or a means to procreate and add to your numbers." she said her heart dropping at the realization of her words, causing her to feel hurt. "More or less." "Ah." Chaerin answered as she turned and looked out the window the car becoming silent and awkward. As she looked out the window she let out a low sigh the passing scenery becoming a blur to her as she fell deeper into her mind. The thought of him with other women making her uneasy but she felt as if she could bear with it since it was his means of survival, but to know that he actually slept with other for pure enjoyment hurt her. She knew she had no claim to him but she wanted him and she knew he wanted her or so she thought, more like wished, she was hoping he felt the same longing for her that she felt for him. 'I love you to Chaerin' the words played in her mind as she looked over to him. She was sure he said those words to her as she drifted off to sleep or at least she was this morning, what if it was just a hopeful dream of her heart? Chaerin asked herself as she turned her gaze back to the passing view of Seoul.  'What are you doing Chaerin? Even if he did love you could it work, would it work?' she thought as a lump formed in her throat, was she even willing to try and love this...vampire? So many questions flooded her mind as they drove in silence, if she chose to listen to her heart there would be many trials and tribulations she would have to face. Was her falling in love worth the battle she would have to face just to hold onto it? Her mind was beginning to spin as so many questions invaded her thoughts when she finally felt the car come to a complete stop. Looking out the window she found herself sitting in front of a house she had never seen before. "Where are we?" she asked as she turned and looked at him. "My house." "Y…your house?" she said as she looked back at the house on the other side of the window. "Why?" "Just come on." he said as he opened his door. Getting out the car Chaerin just followed behind him silently, Jiyong seeing how unsure she seemed grabbed her hand softly and smiled lightly at her as he led her to his home. "Don't worry I won't bite." he said laughing "Well not this time." his words eliciting a soft chuckle from her. "You should feel honored, I don't normally bring women to my house." Which was mostly true he hadn't brought any women to his house, his mother was yet to see his home and RaeLyn he didn't bring her she just always showed up for a good fuck nothing more he thought to himself as he made his way inside Chaerin's hand still in his. Hearing his words strangely put Chaerin's heart at ease for a moment as she stared at her hand in his a soft smile forming on her lips. Stepping inside Chaerin was in awe the first thing catching her attention the all black marble, no it was granite floors that were as dark as night but the specks of quartz's seemed to sparkle like tiny little stars. Then her eyes were drawn to the interior it was simple classic black and white but still very modern the atmosphere cold and uninviting, it looked so well put together but it felt as if it was missing something just like its occupant. "Your house, it gives off the same vibe as you." Chaerin said as she took her boots off. "Well I do live here." Jiyong replied as he handed her a pair of slippers and put her boots in the shoe cabinet. "And what vibe would it be that me and my home give off?" he asked as he looked at her intently as he helped her out her coat, something that seemed so natural he didn't even notice. "A very refined and lonely taste, almost cold and off putting but very eye catching at the same time." she answered as she turned and looked at him. "My house said all that?"  "More or less." she answered with a smile. "So why did you bring me here?" Jiyong just looked at her as he swept a piece of her hair behind her ear before replying. "I honestly don't know." he said walking further into the house with her following close behind. Walking further into his home Chaerin noticed the white leather sectional sofa that was accented with black leather and instantly walked to it and walked around it her fingers gliding over the butter soft leather before looking back at him, Jiyong was just standing there taking in her every movement and smiling at her unaware of it. "What is this?" "I had that custom made in Brazil, isn't it lovely?" Jiyong said as he made his way towards her. "It is very lovely, but I meant what is this between you and me?" Chaerin said as she motioned her finger back and forth between them. "What is are relationship Jiyong?" Now standing in front of her he reached his hand up and gently stroked her cheek. "I don't know but I like it, this thing between us." his thumb running across her lips before he leaned in to kiss her only for her to look down and let out a soft sigh. "What's wrong Chaerin?" Looking back up at him she felt her heart pound in her chest furiously as he looked at her. "Jiyong, what...what would you say if I told you I think." she said closing her eyes and taking a deep breath before looking back into his eyes. "If I think I'm falling in love with you." As Jiyong stood there and listened to her confession he felt as if the wind was sucked out of his very lungs, her stare strong and intense as she looked at him, her eyes almost pleading with him to say he felt the same. "Chaerin...I…there is something about you that intrigues me and baffles me like no other and I find you very special to me." Jiyong answered as her eyes never wavered on their task of looking deep within his soul. "But." Chaerin said. "But I can’t love you, I won’t love you." his words making his own heart lurch in his chest as he held back the urge to say it wasn't true. "You can’t and you won’t, but you didn't say you don't love me." she said as she finally tore her gaze off of him. "So do I rank as just a hot meal for you, am I just cattle." "Chaerin I didn't say that and no, I said you were special." "So I'm special enough to fuck but not to love, that's just fucked up." she chuckled as she lightly shook her head and looked up as a means to stop the tears that were trying to form in her eyes. "Chaerin you, it’s complicated, dealing with my kind, with me." he said as he grabbed her hand only for her to pull away. "I'm sorry, really." "Don't be, I already knew it would end like this." Chaerin said looking at him with sad eyes. "I'm just going to go." She said as she ran her fingers through her hair, finally finding her resolve to just walk away his words searing a painful scar on her heart, his apology feeling like a slap to the face. Walking past him she felt him grab her hand. "Stay, please." Jiyong said softly as he grabbed her hand, he knew letting her walk away was best for the both of them but he couldn't he wasn't ready to let her go just yet he still needed her, wanted her. "Jiyong." Chaerin said lowly, her voice almost a whisper as she looked down at the floor wishing she could fade away in its blackness. God how she hated the fact that she was so weak to his touch, why did her heart have to fall for a man like him. "Do we have to, why do we have to label this....these feelings we have for one another, can’t we just enjoy each other for the time being?" Chaerin bit back a bitter chuckle as she stood there her hand in his 'Life really is fucked up' she thought to herself 'Just three more months, why not savor it until then, then you can just walk away' she reasoned with herself 'But will three months be worth the pain, is he worth the pain?' So many questions spiraled through her mind it was beginning to make her sick as her stomach suddenly churned and the room got hot as her mouth went dry. "Water...I need a cup of water." she said as she put her free hand over her mouth. "Please." Nodding Jiyong said ok as he continued to hold her hand and lead her to the kitchen. Standing in his kitchen she leaned against the counter with her head down deep in thought. "Here, drink this." Jiyong said as he handed her an opened bottle of water, his words pulling her from her thoughts. Taking a big sip she looked at him and she couldn't help but notice the fact that each time he looked at her, her heart would skip a beat and felt her body softly ache as it craved for his touch. "Jiyong, I can't ignore the way or what I feel for you it’s too late, even if I want to ignore it and not name these feelings I have for you I can’t." Chaerin said as tears began to fall from her brown eyes. "It’s too late for me you're already engraved on my heart and your touch has engrained itself in my body, it’s too late for me not to label it, I love you." she said as she looked at him, his face stone unable for her to read. "Chaerin, I'm sorry." Jiyong said as he moved in closer to her reaching both his hands out so he could cup her cheeks as he wiped the tears from her face. "I'm sorry...but I can't." he said softly as he leaned in and kissed her gently on her lips. "I'm sorry." he said once again his lips still on hers then kissing her again this time deeply. Kissing her Jiyong thought to himself how he really was sorry, sorry he had fallen for her, sorry for her falling for him, he was sorry he couldn't admit that he did in fact love her but what he was most apologetic about was the fact that he wouldn't let her go, not just yet he still had a need to touch, feel, smell and taste her. His body was craving her, he wanted to devour her whole his heart needed her and that sweet drug called love that she was offering to him, even if he said he couldn't take it he would, he would take it and destroy it so no one else could have it. Lee Chaerin was his and even if he shouldn't have her he would even if it meant ruining her heart. Maybe he really was a monster he thought to himself as she broke their kiss panting heavily. "What're you doing?" Chaerin asked as she pushed him back slightly. "Chaerin I've told you before you are mine until I say otherwise." he said as a hand made it to the back of her neck and one arm wrapped around her slim waist pulling her closer to him as he kissed her once again.

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Annie ( Chapter 26)

Chuck went back to his southern Baptist roots saying grace, he did a fantastic job. But what he did next silenced the room, and then it exploded. He announced his engagement to Lisa. Annie started screaming, Charlie my old acquaintance started to cry, Mr. Clark and I high five. What a great thanksgiving this is turning out to be. My best friend is engaged to my wife best friend, this is great.

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Dark Blood by Christine Feehan

Dark Blood   (Dark #26) by  Christine Feehan   At long last you are truly back with us… Zev Hunter was an elite warrior, a dark-blood dealer of death to rogue Lycans who preyed on mankind. He was a loner, never given to personal attachments, and damned fierce at his job. But Zev begins to question his past and his purpose when he awakens in the darkness of the sacred cave of warriors—and is soothed back to consciousness by the sensuously familiar voice of one woman, the woman who has haunted his fantasies for centuries. She was Branislava, member of the Dragonseeker clan… Mother Earth called the ancients to witness your rebirth… For this half-mage, half-Carpathian temptress, the ritual of awakening Zev to the council of warriors was the only way to save him. Locked away for his own protection, the time has now come for his rebirth, for his...

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