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“Yeah, I got your flowers and it was not my driving that was stressing me out. Tell me about the blonde. How many times have you...?” The dirty word not willing to slide off her tongue. “What are you talking about? I was simply driving a client to the hotel,” argued a defensive Ethan. His lying caused his body temperature to rise and he took off his jacket, carefully folding it over the chair. Jessica sensed the well versed lawyer planning his defense. A clenched fist held on to the duvet and crushed its cotton fiber, as if the physical act of hanging on to it, gave her the power to say out loud, “You kiss all your clients like that, and let them grab you by the belt buckle to pull you in closer, while you slip your tongue down their throats? Please don’t insult me by telling me any more lies!”

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Friday Night Sprites

Chapter One-Psyched     “Are you seeing them right now?” Dr. Ryan asked. I looked above me where cheap dotted ceiling panels swirled faces back at me, some grotesque, some smiling, some tilting their heads in curious angles, until I couldn’t see where they began and ended. Scuffing the heel of my striped pink sneakers back and forth across the carpet, I sighed. There was no good answer to his question. Not wanting to tell the truth and get, yet another pill to take or another trip to the hospital, I decided to backpedal.     “It’s just when my eyes focus to hard or not enough. Can’t you ever see a pattern in the leaves of a tree or in that ugly movie theater carpeting, or something?” The serious look that Dr. Ryan shot me said that, no, he could not. Busy making notes about the level of craziness he was...

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Chosen Darkness

                                    Chapter Five: Change Falyn felt her body shaking. She closed then locked her front door. The ride back home had been the hardest thing she had done in a long time, holding back the fear and anger as she tried to figure out what had brought Alex to her doorstep. She had known the moment they turned off the main road that the broken leather anklet was part of her past. She was the girl Alex was hired to find. Once that hit her, Falyn’s mind went back to what Alex had told her. He’d had to use her skill to find the missing girl quickly because it would have been dangerous for her if other people found her first. Why? Presumably they wanted something from her. Falyn didn’t have any answers...

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“Liahnan Sidhe…” (onward the writing apocalypse hath no end...)

A strange, melancholic cadence flavored his words. “Take me to that place you go when you sing in your Gaelic,” he crooned. He had, she always thought, the most beautiful voice in the world when he spoke like this, lulling a horse to his will, pacifying his daughter in a rare moment of adolescent willfulness. “Make me fall in love with…with Alba,” a whispered invocation. The ancient name became a reverent lover’s caress, warm breath against her cheek, uttered into the night, the stars and mountains, witness to that solemn plea..."

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“One whom the hand of heaven hath smitten…” (next part of epic disaster in prose...)

“Look me in the eyes, and tell me you don’t want this.” He was unaware, the smoldering compulsion alive behind his irises, something sensed in the weak aura of lamplight diffused by the dark mist. That part of himself, a mind scintillating and scorching, would have smothered a lesser being than she, a woman far more determined in her own presence, than most, to proclaim her separate insight, no less honed than his, capitulating not from intimidation nor fear, but grace and a well of her own loneliness, sequestered and locked away through the years. She stood straight, proud and unyielding before his threatening intensity. “Tell me you don’t want this, and I will never mention this between us again, will wash the spring, and the memory of spring from my mind, and will so cleanse myself of you--your bewitchment--for the rest of my days, Caroline.” And in a tired voice, resignation rarely ever heard from her, she said on the cusp of sudden, rising sorrow, “Is that what you want, Thomas? For me to be your whore?” “Caroline.” In that single word, her name, something bade her glimpse up, then, black irises deep as the vast night, traveling over his face...

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Note: It was originally intended to be a script for a horror/dystopian game. I never wrote a complete book before, although I tried sometimes. Since the independent team who I were working with are from different countries, I had to write in English (not one of my strong points, but it's understandable). Below you can find some parts of Chapter 1, I have almost 9000 words. I just want to know whether you find it interesting or not, so I can get motivation to write till the end. Synopsis: A military doctor, participant of Second World War, comes back to his hometown, in Russia, after many years living in urban environments. What was to be a lifelong and relaxing holidays, eventually became a case investigation. Strange occurrences from other villages, horrors of human behavior and hallucinations caused by morphine addiction are part of the episode during the stay. Plus, Stepan Levin...

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Hot And Bothered

What happens when two irresponsible brothers mastermind a convoluted plan to save a family-owned business from the destruction they caused? Workaholic Carla Grey is thrown into frenzy when her brothers sell their shares to Nick Wright rather than offer them to her. Nick Wright is an egotistical alpha-male dead set on taking charge. He’s making fast decisions without consulting Carla, while at the same time causing her heart to flutter and her legs to grow weak with need and lust. When Nick agreed to this crazy scheme to pretend to be the new senior partner in Cole's Biscuits, he did not bargain for the fiery-tempered Carla who could make his mouth water while delivering him a tongue-lashing like no other. In his effort to make the company quick profits, he keeps getting his wires crossed with the bossy beauty and with each encounter, he’s forced to keep up the lies...

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Hot & Bothered Chapter Two

Chapter Two Carla and Louis sat across from each other at a small diner called Michele’s the next street over from Cole’s Biscuits. Carla was a regular, eating there most evenings after work. What she loved about the place was that it was never overly crowded and always seemed to have the most interesting characters. She had asked Louis to join her in the hopes that they could talk about his meeting with Nick. She took a bite out of her sandwich as she eyed him. He was one of the few employees who still remained from when her father had been running the company. She had known the man for most of her childhood and all her adult life. His expression remained guarded as he picked at his lunch. “Uncle Louis,” she addressed him as she always had, despite the fact that he was now her employee. “All I’m...

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Various States of Undress: Carolina


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Life as the Other Woman (Chapter 1)

I promised myself I would never be this kind of woman. The other woman. The home wrecker. The side woman. The woman who would settle for less than what she deserves in life. I quietly slip out of bed to find my clothes. My dress is by the door, my heels are right there, and my underwear is... where are they? Great, I've lost my favorite pair of underwear. I slide my dress on, grab my heels, and tiptoe out the room. As I walk down the hallway, I see pictures of him and his girlfriend. They look really happy together. Why? Why does he want to be with me when he already has the perfect girl? I'm quickly snapped out of my thoughts as Dakota, their beautiful blue merle Australian shepherd, begins to nip at my heels. I look at her and whisper "Sorry girl, I have to go."...

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