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"I see a sleeping beauty."

Chapter Four - (6) "Interesting," said Suet-foong when I showed her the article. She had just come out of the bathroom wearing a pair of striped pajamas. She smelled of carnations. "Yes, indeed it is." "You know what is even more interesting?" My curiosity was piqued. "No. What?" She passed me back the newspaper and pointed at the spot where the name of the reporter was printed. "It was Chen Yi-seng who filed in the story. He was the dead man we saw back in the woods!" "You're quick-sighted as a cat! I was so engrossed with the false reporting that I didn't notice his name." "I see a conspiracy of the highest level," she opined, snuggling happily under the covers of her bed. She was her turn to sound like Sherlock Holmes. "I see someone hiring Chen Yi-seng to concoct a fictional tale and killing him afterward so that...

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Untitled- Prologue

  May 18th, 2004 11:00 pm Hell would have been better than the horror he was walking into. Stepping from his unmarked police car Nikolas Valentine pulled a pack of Marlboro Reds from the inside pocket of his black trench coat. Flipping open his Zippo, he lit his cigarette quickly and took in the gathered crowd who were pointing and staring from behind the standard yellow police tape. They were gathered like an angry mob ready to burn a witch. Pulling his eyes away, he turned to the reason he was here instead of his nice comfy bed. The two story house before him stood like something out of Leave it to Beaver. The postage stamp size yard was surrounded by a white picket fence; the grass was still damp from the automatic sprinklers. The hunter green shutter around the windows gleamed in the streetlight. Rose bushes lined the fence;...

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"My jaws dropped a good three inches!"

Chapter Four - (5) As soon as we stepped inside, Suet-foong was held spellbound by the lobby's glitzy chandeliers and polished marble floors. It was a classy sight for my wealth-challenged girlfriend. I had to drag her to the reception desk where an elderly chubby man with a cheery-looking face greeted us. "Good morning, sir and ma'am. Welcome to Traveler's Palace. My name's Old Lai. I am the manager here. How can I be of service to you two?" "A twin-bedded room preferably with a bath and stabling for our horses, if you please," I replied, filling out the registration form. "That would be six dollars per night, sir." "Fine, we will take it." Old Lai nodded and rang the hand bell. But no one came. He rang again. Still, there was not a soul in sight. "Ah Tong! Ah Tong!" he finally shouted. "Where are you, you tone-deaf slowpoke?"...

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Another Love Story

1 First day prank 'I love him, I really do. I want him to notice and I want him to care. Him in his jock jacket. His short black hair. His finely chiseled features And cute little smirk he always gives me, Oh how it hurts when he sees me' She read over her note, embarrassed that she even wrote it. Her eyes find her own in the reflection of the mirror in her locker, though she was in college; it wasn’t strange for the lockers to be here in this small town. Then there he was with the smallest of smiles as always. The college football MVP. It was weird how a small town could always get wrapped up in that one game and this was just another thing this town had in common besides it’s quaintness. She watches him from afar as he walks down the hall in...

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Her name was Li Suet-foong. She was only twenty-three years old when she died. I affectionately called her my sugarplum; she cheekily baptized me a dumdum. She was beautiful like an angel and fairer than the morning dew. I do not recall her complimenting on my good looks though - I vainly believe I belong to the tall, dark, and handsome category. Her love for adventure suited me fine as danger is my business. Winter was her favorite season. I asked her why. With a smile she replied she loved the snow, the mandarin oranges, and the lunar New Year. On top of that she loved me. I am a liquidator. I have been liquidating people ever since I knew how to hold a gun. It does not matter who my victims are - politicians, underworld big-shots, tycoons - as long as my asking price is met, I send them...

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"Elementary, my dear Suet-foong, elementary."

Chapter Four - (4) "W ... What's wrong?" I spluttered. "You scared the shit out of me!" "Look over there," she said, pointing to my left. "There is a leg sticking out of the thicket and there is blood on the ground!" "My god, you are right!" I replied, peering at the spot where she had indicated. Quickly recollecting myself, I drew my gun from my shoulder holster. "Stay where you are. I'll go and investigate." I ran toward the body and saw a man lying face down. His blood-stained jacket was riddled with bullets. I knelt beside him, turning him over. He was not breathing. Young, bespectacled, and narrow-shouldered, his hair was closely cropped and he got a mole below the right side of his nose. By my reckoning he had been dead for at least a day. I went through his pockets. There was a wallet containing some...

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The Prince Who Loved Me (The Oxenberg Princes #1) by Karen Hawkins.

I have to say this was a wonderful, fun filled read. I really enjoyed it. The Prince in the story is Alexsey Romanovin, and he's a bit of a rogue and has no intention of settling down. Until his grandmother says it's time he did and sends him to Scotland and she expects him to find a wife.........but it's still not going to happen as far he's concerned.......Until he meets an unusual but pretty in a quite way (if you looked close) woman reading in the woods. Who turns his world upside down. Bronwyn Murdoch loves books she's plain spoken and thinks she's on the shelf. And any way she has two younger and prettier stepsister to help marry and she helps her father with his patents, so she is happy how she is..... Until a huntsman comes into her life one day in the woods.......Well he's dressed like a...

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Chapter One It was 11:30 a.m., Friday, May 31, 2013. Quentin Tyler, Sr., the best lawyer in all of Prominent, New York was inside the court room waiting for the jury to come back with the verdict.  Quentin, Sr. is 5feet 11 inches, nice build, tan brown skin, brown eyes, nice shaped eyebrows, close cut salt and pepper hair with a clean cut goatee.  He is so sexy for his age. He is sitting in his nice royal blue suit with his white shirt, royal blue neck tie and medium brown leather shoes. Quentin, Sr. is representing Mrs. Phylicia Carter-Kennedy.  Defense Attorney Ramona Westin is representing Virgil Kennedy. Judge Karl Filmore is the presiding judge. Phylicia Carter-Kennedy was born Phillip Carter.  She had a sex reassignment operation.  Apparently Phylicia didn’t tell her husband Virgil that she had the operation and he killed her.  Virgil didn’t know because they waited until...

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Annie ( Chapter 22 )

As Teddy began to walk off, Charlie said I must be leaving also. Annie asked her to stay until Teddy gets back. Charlie told Annie it was very nice of her to give an invitation to her house not knowing what went on in the pass with her and Teddy. Annie put her hand on Charlie's shoulder, smiled and said, if it happen before June tenth 2010, it didn't happen in my world. I doubt if today Teddy knows if you wearing a dress or pants. Teddy may see other women, but he only looks at me.

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When the Brass Ring Grabs You Chapter 1

Come and see what happens...When the Brass Ring Grabs You

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