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SHARK BEACH: The Journey Back To Palm Beach - BY, PAMELA WESTWOOD

SHARK BEACH: The Journey Back To Palm Beach - EXCERPT - CHAPTER 7... DARK GAMES It had been a few months since her confrontation with Dino. He had never bothered calling her again and she learned that he didn’t even care about what happened. Susan now declared that her Bad Boy days were past her. Susan ventured downtown to go shopping. She felt very bored as she wandered from store to store along Michigan Avenue and could not find anything that interested her. She made her way over to the patio of a major restaurant and planted herself in a corner. She ordered lemonade and sat quietly watching the tourists as they came down the sidewalk. She looked to the north and saw a familiar male figure walking her way. He was dressed in black pants and a white shirt with a dark silk tie. It was Karl! He had...

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SHARK BEACH: The Journey Back To Palm Beach - BY, PAMELA WESTWOOD

SHARK BEACH: The Journey Back To Palm Beach - PAMELA WESTWOOD EXCERPT-CHAPTER 5- SUGAR DADDY 101 Cabaret was dimly lit with red lights reflecting off the crushed velvet on the wall. It gave off the essence of a bordello with a hint of sophistication. It was one of the classiest restaurant bars in the city, and well-known for the executives that trickled in and congregated around the bar area without their wives. It was 2:15 AM. Susan sat at the far end of the circular bar. She was now a popular socialite in her mid-20’s and much more refined. But that still did not tame her party girl ways. It was a long night and she had easily outlasted her younger girlfriends. They had abandoned her two hours before. She loved Cabaret! It came alive when the others closed, every day of the week. Tonight, there was still a great...

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SHARK BEACH: The Journey Back To Palm Beach

SHARK BEACH: The Journey Back To Palm Beach - PAMELA WESTWOOD "Palm Beach Is Hot! Its Millionaires Are Hotter!" EXCERPT FROM PROLOGUE: THE SEASON And on the eighth day God created Palm Beach... It was 6:54 in the evening. Palm Beach was bustling with activity as the elite brought in another new year and descended back to paradise via yacht or private jet to its gilded shores from across the globe. The shop windows reflected their polymer and spray tanned faces as they strolled down Worth Avenue on their way to dine at the exclusive restaurants. Their flawless diamonds sparkled under the lights. The quiet streets were now packed with Limos, Rolls, Ferraris, and every other exotic car imaginable. The town was open to all, but only the hand-picked few were truly allowed to enter and embrace the dream. This select inner circle was deeded access to the private collections,...

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excerpt from 1st Chapter of "The Rebel's Homecoming": Tips and ideas appreciated.

Marc. Her heart pounded and she folded her arms to control their trembling. Breanna sucked in her breath. Years of anger, bitterness and betrayal fought against a ridiculous urge to throw herself into his arms.

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Annie ( Chapter 18 )

The wedding night banana trick which could be heard for a half of a mile when he came, well that was out. Then there was the double cum shot, one to the pussy and one to the mouth that he loved, but the legs behind the head made him speechless. Annie knew she had the power to give Teddy all three at once, but Teddy would never make it through one.

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To Mr And Miss No One (Prologue)

Prologue of a romance novel I'm writing.

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Two Monks, a Woman, and a Whip

The King's spurned concubine, Qens, meets the feared Hexenbischof

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Annie ( Chapter 17 )

Teddy's knees got weak, he tried to stand, but he was collapsing under the pleasure Annie was delivering. Annie wasn't sure, but she thinks Teddy could be heard on the other side of the mountain by coyotes who were howling back.

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Annie ( Chapter 16 )

Annie put her hands on Teddy's face just as he let loose a cum stream that would've put out a three alarm fire

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Annie ( Chapter 15 )

Teddy kissed Annie and said I love the hand washing of my penis, Annie said yeah I know, I remember the first one. Teddy had to laugh as he remembered ejaculating into Annie hand the first time she hand washed his penis.

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