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Foot Fetish

​Chapter Five of my novella Bamberg

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - excerpt from Snow Phoenix and Me

Chapter Eight - (5) But ... ahem ... being a fearless chauvinist, I took up the challenge and chomped the food with gusto, commenting that they tasted marvelous. "Good! Good! Eat more then," replied my other maleficent half as she took a few sips of the curry soup with her spoon. I was taken aback - the spiciness did not seem to bother her. She sure was one tough cookie. Anyway, it started with a sniff. Then, sweat came out of my face like a squeezed sponge. Eventually, tears rolled down my cheeks and my nose was running. In order to preserve my manly pride, I drowned myself in gallons of water - hell, I was breathing fire! - and continued eating. To say that I was extremely glad when I finished my last bite would be an understatement; I was dying back there! But that was not the end...

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The dark wind of passion

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Suet-foong's vengeance begins - excerpt from Snow Phoenix and Me

Chapter Eight - (4) The sun had already sunk and the shadows of dusk fell like a drapery when Suet-foong returned home. Earlier, the rain had stopped. A ghostly mist began to crawl around the house, making it look like a mystical bowl of steam. In the living hall, I was in a fidget when I heard her unlocking the front door. I was expecting her to blow her top as soon as she saw me. How wrong I was; she had a big grin on her face instead. However, before I could breathe easy, I realized that it was not a beatific grin. Rather, it looked extremely wicked. Oh shit, this was getting scary. "So, how was the art fair?" I asked, trying to sound casual as I took a seat at the sofa. "Sold anything today?" She did not answer; she just looked at me with that same...

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The Power of Twin Soul Love

An inspiring read for women and men of all ages, as it is never too late to find love, "The Power of Twin Soul Love" is a short fiction romance, exploring the theory of twin souls and the reality of true love.

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Plan B Begins! - from Snow Phoenix and Me

Chapter Eight - (3) "I'll tell you all about it when we see each other later at the house," I replied, sounding very business-like. "Now you'd better get back to the hall. I believe the organizers are looking high and low for you." Before she could have a chance to ask further, I hooked back the telephone receiver and walked away, leaving her dumbfounded. In truth I knew nothing of Plan B. It was something I made up on the spur of the moment when I saw the bimbo. Her unexpected appearance was a blessing in disguise; it gave me the perfect excuse to finally dismiss Suet-foong from my perilous mission without offending her. Right away, I felt the albatross around my neck loosening. What a relief! I could do my own thing with total freedom and a peace of mind now. I smiled coyly - my maneuver was a...

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"What the heck is Plan B?" - excerpt from Snow Phoenix and Me

Chapter Eight - (2) "What the heck is Plan B?" Half an hour later, I was inside the exhibition hall in my four-eyed geek disguise. My Browning pistol was in the shoulder holster under my jacket, just in case. As expected, it was packed with people including the exhibitors, the super-rich art collectors, and a parade of models from a fashion house, many sipping from flutes of champagne. This art fair was a visual extravaganza, and the indistinct noises of people talking filled the hall to excess that everyone had to yell at each other; it was like a carnival. I groaned - just like when I was in Nanking Road, I had a phobia about the large crowd here. Before I made myself scarce, I darted my eyes across the hall and saw that Suet-foong was surrounded by a group of men; they were attracted to her like bees...

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"My sage has spoken" - excerpt from Snow Phoenix and Me

Chapter Eight - (1) The day before the art fair opened, I disguised myself as a bespectacled middle-aged man and checked into the lavish twenty-story Peace Hotel using a false name. The penthouse suite that I booked, with its opulent furnishings, had a bedroom and a big lounge. It was perfect. No, I was not here to live it up. Rather, this was where I intended to kill the mayor. A few minutes later, Suet-foong, also in disguise, came to join me in my suite. That night we ran through our plan again and again. We had to. Any slip-up would mean the end of us. All that time I noticed that her commitment to this deadly mission never wavered. There was absolutely no hint of regret or apprehension whatsoever on her face - she was one heck of a gung ho wench! On the contrary, it was yours truly...

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Emerald Eyes Of The Sea

Cartwright's "Emerald Eyes Of The Sea" tells a tale of Seduction, adventure and suspense. Zara is looking forward to her twenty-second birthday and is determined to stay focused on her career goals. .  An aspiring student in oceanology and future valedictorian, it would seem her life has been completely planned out. She begins twisting thoughts through her mind until she has an epiphany: everything seemed assured, but now not so much. The story may intrigue some readers and pique the interest of others. Take your time to read at your own pace and risk! A delightful read for women, men and young men indeed. Here you can sneak a peek-->Emerald Eyes Part One 

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"Mamma Mia!" - excerpt from Snow Phoenix and Me

Chapter Seven - (3 & final part) Later that night, to coax me into going along with her suggestion to seduce the mayor, she paraded before me in full make-up and wearing a body-hugging one-piece white cheongsam with a very high slit. We were in the living hall, and I could not stop myself from staring flirtatiously at the bulging parts of her anatomy - Mamma Mia, she was sizzling hot! "Is that the dress I bought for you in Hangzhou?" I asked, my heart beating a mile per second with excitement. "Yeah," she nodded. "And as you can see, I'm making good use of it." She playfully placed her thigh on my lap. Gently I rubbed it; her skin was as smooth as silk. "Have your blood pressure hit the roof yet?" she asked with a mischievous wink. "Nah, you may have gotten your mojo working, but it won't...

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