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The King's Coven

Chapter 2: Under typical circumstances, King Ferdinand didn’t mind when his concubines ripped off his clothes, first his tunic, then his leggings, often shredding the silken, gold-laced garments in the process. He knew his way around pleasures of the flesh and appreciated the hungry attentions of his women, all hand-picked from the realm for their beauty, wit, and corruptible natures. While their firm caresses entertained him, he still could not forget The One he had lost, eons ago. “Azeti,” Qens whispered, in his ear. The snow fell down upon them but he didn’t feel the chill. In keeping with ancient traditions, they had all disciplined themselves to endure and then enjoy nature’s extremes. He and Qens lay before the small fire in a clearing in the wintry forest.His other courtesans idled and whispered quietly while his courtiers kept watch for the uninvited and unwanted. He and his women only wore...

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Annie ( Chapter 11 )

Annie looked and said, "Oops, sorry, let me clean that up." Teddy thought clean up meant soap and water, Annie meant with lips, soft warm lips.

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Maddie never saw the purple sports car, but her eyes fell instantly onto the lean physique of the blond male stranded at the side of the road. She knew he was drop dead gorgeous, by the way he stood braced against the trunk and the manner in which his shirt clung to his wide shoulders. The cut of his expensive denims and the length of his carelessly brushed hair were tell tale signs. She knew them all. The boys of summer and she wanted nothing to do with them. His even white teeth flashed as he grinned, expecting the debonair charms of his appeal to save him. The instant she passed him face to face, Maddie recognized the look and the reflected assumption that any passing woman would be victim to his looks.

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Annie ( Chapter 10 )

Teddy let loose another nut that made him give out the loudest silent holler never heard.

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What the Heart Wants--Chapter 2 & 3

Chapter 2 Preston Cole stopped in front of the pedestrian crossing at the local Hy-Vee grocery store back in his hometown of Bellevue, Nebraska. He waited for an old man hunched so far over the shopping cart, he wondered if the man’s feet were even touching the ground. Thirty overly exaggerated huffs of annoyance later from the leggy brunette in the seat beside him, Preston pulled into one of the only empty stalls, which just so happened to be as far away from the entrance as possible. Five years ago, the ground he set his overpriced brown loafers on was a large open cornfield bought from an old farmer too old to work the land and no children or grandchildren willing to get down and dirty to sustain the land. “Seriously? There were spots open right up front.” Clarissa Armani’s black high heels clapped against the cold, damp concrete. “If...

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Veronica's debut at Trausnitz Castle

The day dawned with fresh snow and a crystal clear sky. In her modest lodgings, Veronica knelt in prayer and beseeched the Lord to elevate her music to its most sublime. She hoped her personal appearance would also impress. While she would not consider herself beautiful, her fine auburn hair, large brown eyes, and straight features evoked a forest fawn. Her abundance of freckles marred the delicacy of her looks but her spectacularly curvy figure, detectable even under layers of modest clothing, more than compensated.

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Making Love In The Moonlight

When I walked into the bar tonight, I could feel a frisson in the air. After working at Newtown bar for the last five years, I can swear by the full moon. There is an energy that is hard to ignore. The customers drink more. Things seem to get out of control quicker and they seem to get a little bit more wild. I hated working these kinds of nights. Somebody has to pay the rent though.

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One Night For Love

she had never been in love, never done anything crazy, she had never broken the rules. That is, until Lane walked into her life and she would be living with the consequences of that wonderful week for the rest of her life. Her son Nathan was the light of her life, but it was not easy raising him on her own. Her family helped a lot, though they were shocked to find out she was pregnant. Beth didn’t think she would ever forget the look of disbelief and pain on her fathers face when she told him.

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Annie ( Chapter 9)

Teddy got a rear view of all, I mean a crystal clear view of Annie's goods, gold and good golly miss molly bush, his manhood went from limp biscuit to cobalt steel in 2 seconds.

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Annie ( Chapter 8)

Teddy heard bath water running and wondered what that was all about; it only took a little over a split second for Teddy to find out. Annie walked out in all her nakedness and told Teddy to come take a bath with her so she can try on her gift. Teddy once again stop breathing but made sure his heart kept going this time, he didn't want to blackout and miss one nano second of what he's looking at.

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