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Midnight Assistant: You vs Them teaser

"Who Jiyong...why? He seems so distant and far away like he's in his own world and unless you’re invited you'll never know what's going on. He also has this mysterious air around him and have you ever looked into his eyes there just so, so cold..." "That's what makes him so hot that mysterious air, and haven't you ever wondered what's really behind those cold eyes. And anyway besides all the other stuff he's freaking good looking for Christ sake's, Chae you really need to just look at him he is walking sex....well maybe that's why you don't see it." Minji said with a laugh as she started her shower. "What is that supposed to mean that laugh?" Chaerin asked with a hand on her hip. "You know... because you still have you v-card. And because of that you just can't smell the sex coming off of him. Chae I swear you’re too innocent." "Yah! What’s wrong with being innocent? And anyway if I did 'smell the sex' as you say" her fingers making air quotations. "I would probably puke. From what I heard he's more or less a man whore. Who in their right mind would want a man like that?" "That's what makes it even more exciting, trying to tame a wild stallion like that, oh I would love a chance." Minji replied as she stepped into the shower. "Really? There's something wrong with you then." Chaerin said as she made her way back upstairs.

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Annie's first official mission

Everything was cool with Annie until she heard they would be dropped from thirty thousand feet in a glider drone with heat sensing technology. The drones are built for two and will deplore the wings at four hundred miles per hour, this will happen after a ten thousand foot drop. Annie asked if these drones has been used in combat before. The general said no they haven't, but they worked a hundred percent in training, that's over six hundred drops. This made Annie feel a lot better.

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Annie doesn't think, she knows she's a Superwoman

Annie knew it was the first time they had sex, as a matter of fact just as Teddy started to ejaculating she starting hearing his thoughts. Honey her mother said, I'll tell you exactly what my mother told me. Your powers come from your husband, out of your husband to be exact. It's the man you love, and the man who loves you. Will your power increase with more love, yes dear, it will. How powerful your gift will be, well none of us knew the answer to that question.

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Midnight Assistant: Shorts Conclusion

Grabbing the long forgotten cuff on his hand Chaerin pulled him down as she lowered herself closer to the floor. "I want to feel you." she said in his ear before turning around her round ass in the air. Jiyong smiled as he ran his hands over the globes of her ass. Looking at her back he winced silently seeing that it was beginning to bruise from the abuse it took from the piano edge, he would take care of that later he thought but first things first. Grabbing his member he rubbed it against her wet slit pushing it in only to pull out. "Where do you want to feel me?" he asked. "Here?" he said teasing her...

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Midnight Assistant: Shorts/ 4

Moving up her jaw line he felt his fangs itch as they slowly appeared, he was losing the battle to control his hunger, his own climax near. Reaching her ear he pushed her hard against the piano eliciting a painful groan from her, and with three more hard and deep thrusts into her he released deep inside of her his heat running through her core as well as sinking his teeth into her neck. "Oh...ohh." Chaerin moaned his bite giving her a soft pleasure. For a brief moment Jiyong felt himself lost in the bliss of his orgasm and the warmth of her body, the sweetness of her nectar adding to his high, a high he could get nowhere else. "Ji...st...stop."

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Annie, it's a done Deal.

It's two forty five and she flew out of Atlanta at nine this morning. She became an agent, a hooker and a rescuer before lunch. Less than four years ago she was this nice naive barely an adult, unassuming, sexless woman. Now she's a killing sex machine. How could the taste of Teddy's cum do this to her.

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Chapter Twelve - Snow Phoenix and Me

It was not an auspicious start for our long-awaited vacation. Suet-foong suddenly got an attack of migraine, compelling us to stay at the house for the first couple of days. But being a happy-go-lucky couple, we took her ailment in our stride and could even afford to make a joke out of it. "Hey, Suet-foong, I thought your headaches only occur during the warm season." "They went rogue." "You should see a doctor." "Aw, give me a break! It'll make my migraine worse when I get the bill." Every cloud has a silver lining and we found one in Ah Lan. Twenty-nine years old, soft-spoken, and illiterate, she was Ducky's sister-in-law. After her husband died of illness, Ducky came to her aid, providing her with board and lodging. In return, she had to stay beholden to him, becoming his unpaid servant, so to speak. Life was not a bed of...

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Midnight Assistant: Shorts/ 3

Getting on her hands and knees she slowly began to crawl towards him while he took a sip of his drink, his now crimson eyes took in every one of her movements. Stopping right at his feet Chaerin cautiously touched his legs and ran her hands up to his thighs while rubbing against him, her actions resembling a cat seeking its owner’s attention. Looking down at her Jiyong smirked while sitting the glass down. Running his hand over the crown of her head he leaned down and kissed the top of her head before tangling his finger in her long locks and pulling on it. "You ready to play kitty?" he asked while lifting her up. Placing her hands on his Chaerin hissed loudly from the pain of being lifted off the floor by her hair, she felt like crying as she felt her extensions being slowly ripped but the pain also gave her an inexplicable pleasure. Looking at him Chaerin saw him smile softly at her pain, the smug look on his face pissing her off so removing her right hand from his wrist she slapped him across his face.

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Chapter Eleven (Part 3 of 3) - Snow Phoenix and Me

"Ducky, for your info, my hubby is planning to hang up his gun and get a new lease on life," interposed Suet-foong. "Anyway, why would he want to kill you when all of us are friends?" "You're right, I'm being absurd," answered Ducky, wiping away the sweat on his forehead with his handkerchief. "Perhaps I should explain myself. As tea is a very lucrative trade here, we would do anything, even murder, to get a bigger piece of the pie. I guess you're very well aware that when it comes to law and order, Beijing fares no better than Shanghai. Lately, the competition has become so intense that less than a month ago, the boss of Best Tea Company was assassinated. Then last week another one got smoked. Yesterday my associate was blown to pieces by dynamites hidden beneath his car. Someone in our fraternity has resorted to hiring a...

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This is the start of the 1st book in a new series I'm working on. Hope you like it! Chapter 1 Ridge stood looking out at the cattle as it grazed in the far field. It was good to be home, but he couldn’t quite get his head on straight. That’s when he saw the lone horse out in the field. It was out of place and he realized it was one of their prize Stallions. Anger surged in him as he urged his horse into a run across the large expanse of pasture. If one of those longhorn cattle came near enough to gore that Stallion they’d be out a lot of money. His mind kept going over who was in charge of the horses this morning when he headed out. Then he remembered, it was Maggie. Shaking his head as he easily jumped the fence and gained on...

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