Romance Trivia Night Is Coming

by Erika Tsang

Romance Trivia Night (July 17th) is going to be an evening of FUN; drinks and romance books, what more can you ask for? Join Sarah MacLean, Megan Frampton, Sophie Jordan, and Alisha Rai, who will each lead a team.

To help you decide on a team, here are some fun facts about your team leaders:

Megan Frampton

  1. I’m REALLY old (at least older than the other authors), and I read quickly, and I read a TON of romance in a variety of genres, so chances are good I’ll know the answer to the trivia questions.
  2. I know almost as much about cocktails as I do romance, so I can also assist with beverage selection (fun fact: I have a degree from the Columbia School of Bartending, and tended bar for a few years after college).
  3. You might end up finding me somewhat witty.


Sarah MacLean

  1. Like all the other authors, I’ve been reading romance since forever, but I’m guessing most other authors didn’t get caught rewinding the kissing scene of the Princess Bride to rewatch just the naughty bits. Books, Movies, TV shows…if there’s kissing, I’m a ringer.
  2. I have an iPhone and run the Old School Romance Book Club on Facebook, so if we need secret phone-a-friend-style information, I’ve got it. (Don’t tell anyone.)
  3. This is my local bar, so if we lose, I know the bartenders and we’ll be well taken care of during sorrow-drowning!


Sophie Jordan

  1. I read my first romance novel at twelve years old and has been recruiting people to the genre ever since…
  2. I will put your name in my next book…
  3. I traveled the farthest to get here…


Alisha Rai

  1. I’m not competitive at all but we will win, I promise.
  2. I spend a lot of time on the internet so the amount of useless knowledge in my head is staggering.
  3. I was once a florist, so if nothing else, we can discuss the differences between various varieties of jasmine.

Seats are limited so don’t wait. Pick your team now!

See you all there!!