Review: Lord of Wicked Intentions

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Lord of Wicked Intentions
Lord of Wicked Intentions by Lorraine Heath
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First off, let me say that I really enjoyed this book! I couldn’t put it down because I just wanted to know what happened and how it ended!


This is the 3rd book, the love story of the 3rd and final lost lord of Pembrook. Rafe is a man you just want to go up and hug, only if you try you’ll probably end up on the floor! He doesn’t like to be touched due to the crap that happened to him as a child after his brother, in trying to keep him safe, drops him off at a home for children. Only Rafe is treated very badly which leads to his current aversions to certain things.

Evelyn, on the other hand, is the bastard daughter of a Duke. He took her in as a child after her mother (his mistress) died, pretty much protecting her from the fact she was illegitimate, making her feel safe in a world where she really wasn’t. When he dies, her half brother – the heir – decides in order to pay his debts, he’s going to sell her to the highest bidder! Yep, he’s pretty much selling his half-sister into being a mistress, because after all she came from a mistress so that must be all she’s good for right?! Her brother is, for all intents and purposes, an absolute freaking c*ckbite. There’s just no other way to describe him.

Rafe is there, and one moment he is saying how much he doesn’t care, yet when he realizes these other perverts are gonna get to touch this beautiful, innocent woman, he says no freaking way, she’s mine! He tells her brother, she’s mine and pretty much says, drop her off at this address tomorrow, and walks out!

Does her brother tell her what he’s done? NO! She believes he’s trying to marry her off to a Lord. She had no idea how much her brother resents her, although really, after being locked in my room for even a night, I think I’d have taken the hint. Then, on the way there, she gleans enough information to think she’ll be managing Rafe’s household. Only to discover she’s meant to be his mistress, which ends with her running through the streets back to her ‘home’ only to be told at the door that she’s unwelcome and her brother wants nothing to do with her. Rafe comes to the rescue, carrying her home through the rain.

In truth, this story is one involving two people: one who believes there is nothing better than being alone (Rafe) because everybody will abandon you anyway, and a woman who believes, at first, that the world is this lovely place when in reality, her illegitimate birth had been the biggest strike against her and she is disillusioned. Thing is, Evelyn is tough, and in her new unwanted position as Rafe’s mistress, makes sure that in the end, she’ll come out of it with more than she went in: nothing.

You can’t help but love Rafe. He thinks he’s a horrible person but from the very beginning, his loveliness shines through. He’s a good man who was literally lost – not just physically, but emotionally. And of course, we all know that it only takes the love of a good woman to make everything more tolerable, yes? ;)

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