Only four more sleeps till something steamy comes out.

by admin


We’re super-excited for the launch of A Girl Walks into a Bar, the first in our series of choose-your-own-adventure erotic novels, which is being released on the 4th February.

It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago, Sarah, Helen and I went for lunch and the idea popped up amidst a few bottles of bubbles and a lot of laughs. What an incredible journey so far.

One which has seen a whole host of very very important conversations taking place, like whether it’s possible to have sex while flying a helicopter or not? And whether a cock ring is yucky or yummy?

Let us know if you have an opinion on either of the conundrums above. We’d love to chat here, over on twitter (@girlwalksin) or on Facebook (

We can’t wait for the fun to start. So here’s to four more sleeps, or four more awakes if you’re naughty. 😉