On How Charming He Is.

by admin

17333338.jpg Our Book In Hand Today Is:

When you think about a prince charming, you may imagine a dainty dude in a filly shirt or calfskin pants, but what Elliott James brings from Orbit Books is a UF Tale of a man who has been outed by an Order he thought he knew, and running to not only save himself but to protect others around him.

When push comes to shove, John Charming doesn’t back down, no in fact he gets crafty and even because what his parents lineage did give him was an advantage over regular humans, and somewhat equal to the abilities of some supernaturals he is hunting, but at the same time it is his curse.

There is some fast paced action and a intricate inner workings of a supernatural society held in check by individuals, set up by Elves, and ruled by supes who are roaming the streets around up. When there is an over activity which set the wards of the world array there may be a Charming to save you.

Charming only gets you so far . . . this Charming gets even the impossible messy.