A Note From Jude Deveraux About THE BLACK LYON

by Erika Tsang


The Black Lyon was my first medieval novel. I had a plot, so all I had to do was a bit of research. I just needed to know where they lived, what they ate, wore, thought about, their politics, social life, etc. Couldn’t be too difficult, right? Ha ha.

The research took months of constant reading and digging. Buttons nearly drove me mad! Something that appalled me was how women were treated — used to settle disputes, not allowed to own anything, being the property of men. It was a long, nasty list.

After I wrote about Ranulf and his little lioness, I decided to use what I’d read to write other books set in the Middle Ages. Eleven in all.

Now, nearly thirty years later, Black Lyon is said to not be politically correct. Today, heroes are supposed to be more sensitive to a woman’s feelings than her best girlfriend. And women are to be born knowing how to stand up for their rights.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could change the past into what we like today? Ranulf is a man who had to learn how to be different than his time period. I am happy to say that he accomplished it.

— Jude Deveraux