Nicole's Top 3 Reads of 2016

by Nicole Fischer

Ask any book lover, editor, writer, whatever, and they’ll tell you it’s WAY TOO HARD to pick a favorite book (or even three). But ok, fine. I did it. Here are my top reads–or listens because I love audiobooks–of 2016:


Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley (or like every single one of the Chaos books… how the F am I supposed to pick just one??)


It’s a truth universally known that I am obsessed with tattoos, bad boys, motorcycle clubs, and the like. So it probably comes as no surprise that KA’s Chaos series is one of my top reads (series, if I may) of 2016. I know, I know. I’m a little late to the game here. But I had *gasp* never read her before and then I heard May raving about this series, so I finally had to bite the bullet and dive in. And then OMGAHHHHHH I couldn’t stop. I went on a KA binge and read the entire series (out of order… stupid mistake) over the course of like 2 weeks (I had to wait for them to show up on my NYPL app otherwise it would have been 2 days). I barely slept.

Anyway… I go bananas for a hot, sexy biker who is in LOVE with his lady and the men of Chaos are all those things and more. Sigh. This book especially. Tabby and Shy have a rocky start, but I loved them and their semi-forbidden romance so hard. She’s the MC President’s daughter and he’s like the manwhore/hotshot playboy of the club. Nobody wants them together, but they also don’t know that H/h have been secretly pining for each other for years. Ugh, so good. I need more. KA, who’s next?? Don’t leave me hanging! Rush needs an old lady ASAP.

P.S. Bk 4/Walk Through Fire…. Dude, I can’t remember the last time I cried so hard while reading a book. And I never cry. My cold, black heart grew two sizes that day. 


Closer Than You Think by Karen Rose



I love serial killers. There, I said it. Judge me if you wish, but my obsession with true crime/murder/serial killers will never die (pun intended). I’m a Murderino, no doubt about it… and because of this, romantic suspense is my JAM. I love a good lighthearted romance as much as the next person, but nothing grips me quite like a super dark story about a gruesome serial killer and the hunt to bring said psycho down.

Closer Than You Think is one of those stories. It’s got your classic good-looking FBI agent investigating some gnarly crimes and a really great heroine who’s on the run from a nasty dude who just wants her dead. But this book. I don’t know, man. There were so many possible bad guys, every time I thought I knew who the killer was, a new suspect popped up and seemed like the obvious choice! Tons of twists and turns, lots of dark secrets, countless bodies showing up in places you NEVER want to find a body. You know the drill. All in all, a fantastic read (or listen) if you are a fan of romantic thrillers. Go buy it, but stay sexy and don’t get murdered.


The Master by Kresley Cole 



I haven’t read that much erotic romance lately, but earlier this year someone in the office was raving (guess who?) about how great this book was and I thought, “heck, why not. I could use a little spice in my life.” So I bought it. Thank god I did because… YOWZA.

I started reading it on a red eye flight from CA to NYC and didn’t sleep a wink. Then I got home at 6am, climbed into my bed intending to pass out, thought “hmm maybe a few more chapters” and ended up finishing the book instead of sleeping. It’s THAT good. It is scorching hot (with the perfect amount of kinkiness), has hilarious banter, fun characters, and an exciting plot. Sometimes I get a bit bored with erotic romance because there isn’t enough plot… that’s not the case with The Master. The sex is a major part of the story, but there’s also a great balance between sexytimes and plot. This is one of those books that I will start skimming through when I’m bored… and then 2 hours later I have to jerk myself out of a Kresley Cole trance when I realize I’ve re-read most of the story. SO good.