Marilee + Nicole #FridayImInLove Catalyst Couple

by Angela Craft

Avon Romance is thrilled to partner with Catalyst Wedding Co. to highlight true life love stories on our page in a new feature we’re calling #FridayImInLove. Every few weeks, we will post a personal vignette, each reflecting the many beautiful, diverse ways we can find our own HEA in the real world. This week’s #CatalystCouple is Marilee and Nicole, who have “a bright future ahead” – and an adorable dog! #Perfect

Photo by Sharyar Memon of Box Cube Photography

“I met this beautiful woman on a lesbian dating website. On the surface, we had only a few things in common, but we emailed each other for two months before we met—turns out, she absolutely spoke to my heart. I never thought I would get married, let alone meet someone. Things in my life led me to believe that I was meant to be alone and that merely surviving in this world was the best it would ever get. But Marilee completely transformed my world; now we have a beautiful home, a dog, and a bright future ahead.”

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Photos:Sharyar Memon of Box Cube Photography