Lyssa's Top 3 Reads for 2016

by Lyssa Keusch

I like to read a little bit of everything, and so I always have a stack of books on my night table that I can’t wait to pick up. Sometimes, it takes me a while to get to them, though… But these are some of the books I was very happy to have lost myself in this year.

Harlan Coben’s FOOL ME ONCE. I am a huge Harlan Coben fan and have been for many years. He is a master at the domestic thriller. His characters are people you might meet in the street or at the grocery store or next door. And then he puts them in a situation that you hope you’re never in, but you can’t help but turn pages till you figure out how they’re going to get out of it. The twists and turns will keep you reading till the end!


Sarah MacLean’s THE ROGUE NOT TAKEN.  You always know you’re in for a great read when you pick up one of Sarah MacLean’s books. Her writing is so crisp and clever, her dialogue so witty, and her characters so unique. How can you go wrong with a heroine, fleeing London after a fiasco involving a philandering aristocrat and a fish pond, who stows away in the carriage of a different aristocrat summoned home to the Scottish border under similarly questionable circumstances?? Put these two together in close quarters and you have a the perfect recipe for wicked banter, close held secrets, electrifying attraction, and rich emotion.  And you’ll be thrilled to discover it’s the start of a series featuring the Talbot sisters. Bring it on!


I am incredibly fascinated by novels set during World War II and particularly by ones that delve into the human side of the war. This beautifully told story intertwines the lives of a blind French girl and a German orphan boy who is fascinated with a crude radio he finds. In a time when there was so much darkness, and such a bleak view of humankind, this novel shines light on the goodness that remains through it all. This is one of those books that will stay with you long after you finish.

I hope you read many wonderful books in 2016 — and are ready to jump into 2017!