Lucia's Top Three Books of 2016

by Erika Tsang

When I was asked to pick three books (three favorite books, no less) that I loved in 2016 I went into a bit of a tizzy. How could I pick favorites? And if I did pick favorites, would I really want to share my endless year-long read through some weighty non-fiction? Or my re-read of The Godfather, which I discovered was better than I remembered in some ways and truly horrible in others. (If you know about Lucy Mancini’s “problem” you’ll know what I mean.)

So, I decided to narrow it all down. I picked a Hollywood bio, a historical novel, and a romance.



My favorite Hollywood bio of the year—and I read plenty—is TIPPI by Tippi Hedren. Yes, you’ve got Hitchcock—and let me tell you he was nuts (or, more accurately, a phrase that includes the words “bat” and “crazy”) where Tippi was concerned. But there’s much more. Ms Hedren had quite a life, one that involved big cats, her daughter Melanie Griffith, who pretty much ran off with Don Johnson when she was 15, and a rock-solid upbringing courtesy of her parents. And through it all she always looks fabulous.



My historical novel pick is THE GIRL WITH NO NAME by Diney Costeloe. I found this book in one of those happy  “on-line retailer” accidents, where you are trolling around looking for one thing and end up stumbling on another. This story of a 13 year old girl who escapes Germany on the Kindertransport touched my heart, and kept me turning pages. It also sent me to find Ms Costeloe’s other novels. So Diney, wherever you are, you have a new follower.



My romance choice is DUKES PREFER BLONDES by Loretta Chase. What more could a reader want? An unexpected duke, an inconvenient marriage, a woman with brains and beauty…and the dialogue, oh Loretta can write the most magical dialogue. I feel as if in the same room as her characters, invisibly eavesdropping on their conversations.  Some readers love the sensuality, some readers love the descriptions, but I love hearing people talk…

There you go. My choices. I hope you enjoy them!