Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

by admin

Lately I’ve been reading quite a few Facebook statuses and comments about how uncomfortable people feel writing the love and sex scenes in their romance novels.
i love writing them. Maybe because I’m a real emo person, but to me, if you’re reading romance, that’s what you’re reading it for.
We can talk about settings and drama and historical accuracy all we want.
In my book at least, when I’m reading a romance, I want to feel the emotion from my characters. i want my tortured hero to show me why he is unable to love, then, fall so deep and far, he doesn’t know what’s hit him.
Yes, I love torturing my heroes.   :)
I want my heroine to torture them. I also want my heroines to realize that there is no other man for them. Ever.
Emotion is what makes a romance for me. And so much of that comes from those love scenes. So many writers say they can’t write a love scene with other people in the room. They can’t write it if their children are in the room.
I can write one anywhere, as long as my mind is into it. Granted, if I had a curious young child who knew how to read, I don’t think I would write the scene with them in my lap. But if I have the idea in my head and the scene, I can write it anywhere.

I was once sitting in a warehouse shopping club and something popped into my head. I took out my phone and wrote it down in my notes.  I couldn’t help it, and then I felt a woman casually reading it over my shoulder. She looked at me and nodded her head. “Pretty good.” She winked at me and we shared a good laugh.

I read somewhere that a love scene isn’t enough unless it makes you squirm in your seat.  First of all that is such a great word- Squirm.  And I have to say, I agree with that. We are talking about those slow romantic scenes that can take pages before even an item of clothing comes off. there is so much that can be written that can have your squirming in your seat. We are also talking about those hot sweaty scenes that may only take a page, but (fanning herself) what a page it is.

We want to keep the reader wanting our characters.  The whole purpose of our romance books is not only to weave an intricate plot, but to get these two people to their happily eve afters, and let them have as much fun as we can, along the way.

After all, anyone can write. “He kissed her.”

The trick is to write it like you mean it.

“He took possession of her lips, nipping them, licking at the corners of her mouth, tasting her sweetness…”

You get the picture, right?

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