Leah + Darius #FridayImInLove Catalyst Couple

by Angela Craft

Avon Romance is thrilled to partner with Catalyst Wedding Co. to highlight true life love stories on our page in a new feature we’re calling #FridayImInLove. Every few weeks, we will post a personal vignette, each reflecting the many beautiful, diverse ways we can find our own HEA in the real world. This week’s #CatalystCouple is Leah and Darius, who are embarking on a life “full of joy, love, unity, and pure fun!”

Leah + Darius. Photo by Amanda Summerlin
Photo by Amanda Summerlin

“We met in January of 2014 while attending Tuskegee University. I was a part of the Golden Voices Choir, and Darius was a part of the ROTC program. I was asked to sing the National Anthem at their battalion by one of the members in the choir who also happened to be in the ROTC program. When I arrived to the program, out of everyone in uniform, Darius stood out the most. He was standing up tall and had a huge grin on his face. I then asked my friend who he was, and she was clueless, especially on his relationship status. So then the investigation began. As she returned with answers she said, “He is single and will be talking to you after the program.” My body flooded with nerves, excitement, and acute nausea. I could not bear the anticipation, so I left the scene shortly after the program. While walking to my car I received a call from my friend saying, “Girl where did you go? That boy went running after you!!!” So I suddenly stopped and reversed my trail. While turning the corner, I saw Darius and my choir members walking  side by side as if family were giving away the groom to his bride. In the midst of obvious embarrassment I made up my mind. This time I was going to be myself.  We locked eyes, I took a deep breath, and we began to talk.”

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Photos: Amanda Summerlin