Ka Hmangaih Che

by admin


I’m so alone and lonesome.

I need you.

Ka duh che.

Tears in my eye dry even before it drops out.

Words run out even before it is said.

I need the light of your love

So the darkness of loneliness turns away.

If a thousand mile of life

I have to travel without you,

I would do that.

But I want you to at least know that

Ka hmangaih che.

Trying ways to impress you

But end up impressing myself.

Ka ngai che everyday,

I want you by my side every day.

We under the mistletoe;

Your head upon my shoulders,

Your toes playing with mine,

Hands of mine holding yours tight.

How romantic, right?

I have still miles to go to know you better

But I don’t mind.

I most care about is only getting you in my arms.

I still don’t get it

Like if you really get what I mean.

Like if you know Ka duh tak tak che.

I’m no Jackson to dance for you,

I’m no Bruno to sing romantic songs for you,

I’m no Yeats to write for you the most romantic poem;

But I’m just simple me.

To love you till I get old-wrinkled dead man,

To miss you everyday till I stop missing myself,

To sing you songs from heart,

To write poems for you that sprinkles out of mind

Like the soft snows falling down

Somewhere in the far-away countryside.

Will you ever be mine?

Should I expect anything from you?

Shall I end up giving my life to you?

So many questions I have

But no answers yet;

Feel like asking you out for a date,

Should I ask if you’re free next Friday?

Come to me and I’ll show you

The world you belong to.

It’s straight forward, I know, but

Kumtluang a awmdun turin ka sawm a che.

Waiting with a fading smile

For your answers that are still unanswered.