It’s Wednesday-Time to Whip Out Those Excerpts!

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Hello everyone! It’s that time of the week for everyone to whip out those excerpts and have some fun. Today it’s all about your opening scenes-grab that reader and pull them into your story. Post your opening 500 words or less (PG-13) and lets have some fun! As always post your buy links, pre-order dates and WIP.
I’m sharing my opening from The Duke’s Frozen Heart, a competed ms, which is being critiqued and waiting to go for edits. One day soon, my baby will go out for queries!

Hope had yet to be beaten out of seventeen-year-old Lady Victoria Aldridge. She still believed true love could be found on the dance floors, and within the overheated ballrooms of the ton. She dreamed of rescue by a handsome prince and a happily ever after, like the ending of the fairy-tales she read to her sisters when they were younger.
When Viscount Fairley approached her for a dance, Victoria was both excited and nervous. All through the bowing and curtsying, the intricate steps and the sway of the music, Victoria led herself to believe that perhaps this man might be the one, her white knight who would love her and save her.
She gazed up at his great height. They would make quite a smart looking couple; she, so blonde and petite, and he with his russet hair, the color of newly fallen autumn leaves, and snapping black eyes.
Lord Fairley offered her his arm after they finished their dance. He pushed back a lock of glowing hair that had fallen rakishly over his brow and as they strolled through the crowd he questioned her. “Lady Victoria, does your foot pain you? I notice you seem to be limping, just barely I might add, but I have concern for you. Are you well?”
He guided her over to a grouping of white marble columns, by the terrace doors. She nodded to Lady Martindale, her chaperone, who was busy gossiping with the other matrons.
A momentary flash of fear stuttered across her heart. He couldn’t possibly know what caused her limp. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. “Why thank you, Lord Fairley.” Victoria forced her lips to curve in a smile. She felt the strength of his muscles under the superfine of his dinner jacket. “I turned it slightly while walking by the Serpentine yesterday and it is yet still slightly tender.”
His nodded and inclined his head. “I am relieved it is nothing more serious. And may I say that you look delightful tonight. Your gown is quite lovely. I don’t think I have ever seen a young lady wear her hair in such a fashion. Is it the latest fashion from the continent, perhaps?
Lord Fairly had a reputation of slavish devotion to all things fashionable. For the first time she looked at him carefully and took in his colorful waistcoat of blue, green and silver, shirt points so high he could barely turn his head, and a cravat tied in the Trone d’Amore. Normally she didn’t care for the silly and foppish fashions of the dandy set. Though in her circumstances, she was hardly in a position to criticize. The viscount smiled down upon her, and for the first time tonight she felt herself relax. He must think me pretty and enjoy my company. Victoria willed her fluttering nerves to calm, as she entwined her shaking gloved hands. Why else would he ask such a question?

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