How Wild Are The Authors of Vampires Gone Wild?

by Tidal API

Which author went skinny dipping? Who
tried to chop her husband’s head off with a sword? Here, the authors of Vampires Gone Wild ask each
other some interesting questions about how wild they’ve been in real life:

Kim Falconer: Kerrelyn, the hero and heroine in V is for
did some wild things… What was the wildest situation you’ve ever been
in? Has it found its way into any of your books?

Kerrelyn Sparks: My husband and I are almost as
wild as Mikhail and Lady Pamela. On our honeymoon, we were on an island in the
Caribbean, and one night we walked way down the beach to a spot that was
deserted. We left our clothes behind some bushes and ran into the water.
Whoopee! Unfortunately, another couple came along and sat on the beach and
talked…and talked. We thought they’d never leave! We were trapped in the water
up to our shoulders, waiting and waiting. Finally they left, and we made a mad
dash back to our clothes!

That exact scenario hasn’t happened to any of my
characters, but I do enjoy putting them into embarrassing situations!

Now it’s Pam’s turn to answer a question.Pam, I know you tend to write on the dark
side of paranormal. Does it ever cause you to have wild dreams?

Pamela Palmer:
Great question, Kerrelyn! I’ve always had wild dreams, so I suspect they’re
more the fault of my wild imagination than my stories. I often have dreams that
others might consider nightmares, but I call them my action-adventure dreams,
and I love them. I’m often with others, trying to escape the bad
guys–sometimes from a mansion, sometimes a castle, sometimes the Death Star.
We don’t always make it, but we never come to any harm, which is why I don’t
consider them nightmares. I awaken invigorated and ready to write!

And I have a question for
you, Amanda. What’s the wildest thing
that you’ve ever done for a book?

Amanda Arista: I’ve always preached that you should
write about what you know. For Diaries of an Urban Panther, the main character
needed to shoot a gun, so I went to a gun range. In Claws and Effect, I needed
to know about biker bars, so I went to a few around town, complete with tight
jeans and a top I hop my mother never, ever finds.

For this story, the Vampires in my
universe can only be killed by having their heads cut off by an iron sword, so
all my vampires carry an iron sword. So, not to drop spoilers, but there is a
sword fight in the story. Being a normal person, I don’t usually wield a sword,
but like a normal person, I do have foam swords and a really great husband. So
my husband and I choreographed the fight scenes so I could write about it. I’m
sure the neighbors were trying to figure out why I kept asking “how
hard would I have tohit you to chop off your head?” After a few
bruises, we finally worked it out and voila, fight scene.

Now, Kim, what about you? Since the Vampire myth has been around for ages, there are certain
‘stereotypes’ about them: Anti-garlic, blood-suckers, and pretty wild in the
sac (though this last one is pretty new). As a writer, what are some
wildstereotypesyou have heardpeople sayabout being a
paranormal writer? Which ones are wrong and which ones are completely dead on?

Kim Falconer: Wow, intriguing
question, Amanda! There are some pretty wild ideas projected onto paranormal
writers, such as they talk to the dead, they write in the nude, they live
alone, with a black cat or a raven or a shape-shifting wolf
. . . and my
personal favorite, they only write what they ‘know’ when it comes to

Any of these could be absolutely true for some authors (I actually do live
alone with two black cats and a Torresian crow, no wolf) but the most common
myth in the bunch is ‘we write what we know when it comes to sex.’ Ha! I
wish. Writing sex for our genre isn’t so much about past experiences, or
anatomy, physiology, and the Kama Sutra, though a working knowledge helps.
Whether good, bad, fast, slow, human, paranormal or bestial, sex is an intense
experience that reveals deeper levels of character personality, and I promise
you, paranormal writers use their wild imaginations there!

Pre-order your copy of Vampires Gone Wild and come walk on the wild side
with Kerrelyn Sparks, Pamela Palmer, Amanda Arista and Kim Falconer!