Happy National Book Lovers Day!

by Erika Tsang

Question for our editors on this National Book Lovers Day: What’s the book you’ve read more than 5 times and is still entertained by? (Note: Some of us couldn’t contain our answers to just one book…)

May Chen, executive editor

I don’t know if I’ve actually read them more than 5 times but certain books by Lisa Kleypas I’ve read multiple times. The angst, the swoonies. The hero longing for the heroine….






Nicole Fischer, editor

TWENTY-TWO INDIGO PLACE by Sandra Brown. I found this on the used shelf in my local library when I was 14 and I still love it. Bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks has a secret crush on the rich, popular cheerleader. They kiss once on the back of his motorcycle (of course he has one) after a football game, but then he leaves town and she never sees him again. Flash forward like 15 years, she’s forced to sell the family mansion to pay off her father’s debts. Bad boy comes back to town—mega rich now because he’s a famous racecar driver—buys the house, and asks her to inventory its contents before she moves out (aka lets her keep living there with him since she has nowhere else to go). It’s kind of a second chance/enemies-to-lovers/roommates romance all rolled into one. I think they do it in a barn during a downpour. Annnnnd now I want to read it for the 20th time!


Elle Keck, assistant editor

Like so many booklovers, Jane Austen has been my cornerstone for so many years. I discovered PERSUASION when I was 15, on my way to visit my grandparents who I hadn’t seen in over 10 years. I fell in love with Anne Elliot’s strength and Captain Wentworth’s letter made me cry on the plane. I’ve read it every year since then and am starting my 10th re-read now!





Lyssa Keusch, executive editor

Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin. This is a Belle Epoque adventure set in New York City and up along the Hudson River that is stunningly rendered, with touches of fantasy and deep, beautiful snow falls, and a love story between Peter Lake, a skilled mechanic and burglar and the young woman, Beverly, in her claret scarf, whose family’s home he has come to rob. The language and the evocative scenery, and the author’s pure imagination have stayed with me since the first time I read this in the mid-80’s, and lived up to my memory in later readings.

Fun fact: I used an excerpt from this novel as a reading at my wedding.


Lucia Macro, executive editor

Entertained? THE PURSUIT OF LOVE.  Nancy Mitford is often consider frothy and fun, and it is hilariously funny.  But, as with icebergs, all the interesting stuff is happening underneath the surface and few other novels convey the first rush of love the way this does. Oh, and that ending…



Enraptured? REBECCA. I love Daphne DuMaurier, who I think is a little underrated. REBECCA is commonly considered ‘romantic’, and I first read it as an early teen I saw Maxim as a sexy hero. But it’s no romance, and I discover something new every time I re-read. Sometimes I wonder, was Rebecca really all that awful? I mean, no one disliked her but Maxim and we only have his word for it.