Duchess In Love

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Duchess In Love By Eloisa James
At an age when she should have still been in a school room, Gina was married off to Camden Serrard, a boy not much older than she was herself.  Much to her indignation Cam does not stick around after the wedding, setting of directly for the Continent and vowing to never return.  In the mean time Gina manages the estate and becomes the most vibrant woman in all of society; flirting with scandal, but never quite stepping over the line. 

Twelve years later Cam, now the Duke of Girton, has returned, but only to grant Gina the freedom she needs to marry the man she has fallen in love with.  Upon arriving at the house party she is attending Cam spies the most beautiful woman in the room and is shocked to learn that he is admiring none other than his wife.  Suddenly the idea of a divorce is not so simple.

There are really three stories twisting around each other in this book.  Two of the stories are so closely intertwined they could simply be the same story with four characters.  The third story is a charming side story that really makes you want to stand up and cheer in the end.

There used to be a trend in romance that the hero had to be perfect.  Strong and brave, always making the right decision, and always having the perfect timing and appearance.  In my humble opinion, that is a very boring premise.  No one is perfect.  That is probably why I love the current trend in romance: heroes with flaws.  This book is a great example of an Alpha Hero with a fear that might not seem very manly.  To me, knowing this fear made him all the more perfect in my mind.

The sex scenes range from the sensual and steamy to the downright fun and endearing.  Where most authors in this genre shy away from playfulness in bedroom scenes, Ms. James shows no such reservations and “dives” right in.  *Pun intended for those who have read the story*

Overall, this was a very fun book to read.  The characters were complex and every time you think you have one of them pinned down, they do or say something that completely bucks you perception.  I found myself enjoying the multiple plots, despite my usual preference to simplicity of story, and kept wanting to hear more and more about one character or another.  This approach really helps you develop a bond with the characters.   

(1=unacceptable, 2=poor, 3=acceptable, 4=good, 5=excellent)
Continuity/Flow – 4
Sex – 4 
Language – 4
Storyline – 5
Overall – 4

*This review is revised from a previous review on this site*