Cora's Callbacks!

by admin

So, my day just got so much better after hearing about the latest from my friends at Avon and William Morrow! Have you heard about Cora’s Callbacks?

Cora is giving us the official dish on what happens to Garrick and Bliss after their Happily Ever After in KEEPING HER, but it’s so long until that August 13 on sale day. To satisfy the ravenous readers (guilty!) she wants to read your version of Garrick and Bliss’s life after LOSING IT.

Here’s the scoop: You can submit 250 words or less of your own original fan fiction scene between Garrick and Bliss (an awkward interaction? A break up? A make-up? ) and Cora will pick her absolute favorite to re-enact!

You can send your submissions to the Avon Romance Share Your Book page, located here: after logging into your Avon Romance account

Make sure the title says: “Cora’s Callbacks: (name of your story)” when you’re ready to send it in!

This is going down from July 8 to July 31, so it’s time to get started! Check back on the site on August 13th to see who won, and then download your copy of KEEPING HER to see what Cora has in store for our favorite New Adult couple.

Can’t wait to see who gets a ‘callback’ from Cora!