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If you like Fifty Shades of Grey and Lisa Marie Rice, you'll love Alice's Wonderland When journalist and notorious womanizer Flynn O'Grady publicly mocks Alice Mitchell's erotic luxury goods website, the game is on. Determined to change his mind about sex toys and the people who use them, Alice decides to wrap her high-end silken blindfold over his eyes and teach him a thing or two. They soon find themselves locked in a game where Alice must step up the spice night after night as, one by one, Flynn's defenses crumble. To win, she must prove to Flynn that changing the routine, rather than the partner, can be the greatest adventure of all.

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My Review of Alice's Wonderland- Allison Dobell

Review of Alice's Wonderland by Allison Dobell Alice's is the owner of Alice's Wonderland, an upscale adult boutique. Flynn O'Grady the Man About Town blogger for a local paper targets Alice's shop and others in his blog. Flynn says if you need to add toys to make the relationship better, than your better off finding a new relationship. In the words of Flynn O'Grady: "If your bored with the routine, change the partner. Works for me. Every time. Oh wait I forgot. That goes against women's romantic notions of "happily ever after". Does anyone really believe you can sleep with one person your whole life and not get bored?" Alice sets out to prove him wrong, tempting him into a little cat and mouse game with nightly variety keeping things interesting. Flynn's blog has also causes other notice to her shop and she begins to receive messages threatening to expose...

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