Big hair, big romance, big hands

by Tidal API

Everyone knows that nothing stops me from talking when I have something I love to talk about, and today I’d like to talk about these two gems that I want to have a second chance.

The first is a Love and a Bad Hair Day by Annie Jones, which is pretty much the story of my life. I mean seriously, how can resist a book that is described like this? Jolene Hadley Corbett believes that on a bad hair day bad things happen – men run off, cars break down, it rains all over your best new outfit. So when Ry O’Malley comes back into town Jolene immediately checks the mirror. Yep, bad hair!

The second is Luanne Jones’s The Dixie Belle’s Guide to Love. How can you resist a heroine who once held the title Miss Dixie Belle Duchess. OK, if that doesn’t tempt you the food will, because she owns the Pig Rib Palace, which is about as close as she’s getting to royalty.

You know what I think? I think these books were ahead of their time, and maybe now s the time to take another look at them.

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