And Yet I'm Waiting

by admin


Whisky, I have never touched.

Yet it has tempted me so much

I haven’t touch.

Not because I don’t like it,

Not because I’m afraid of the effects.

But I have some reason for it.

Love that I have ever waited for,

The warm embrace I want.

You are the one I have ever waited for

In this lonesome life;

And yet you never know.

Time won’t stop.

Seconds so threatening.

And yet I’m waiting for you.

Yours first look, the reason I fell in love with you.

Am I insane? Or am I in an illusion?

Falling in love with a girl I never knew.

Waiting for someone you’ll never get.

The snowfall so soft

Pile up to make snowfields.

And yet it vanishes when the sun rises.

Pain of waiting so dreadful

Pool up, which hurt a lot.

But I’m here waiting.

Waiting to let you know my feeling.

Feeling that is warm and full-of-love-for-you.

Patience is what I matter

When I think about you.

I want you so bad.

And yet I don’t find you.

Never in life did I fall in love.

Until I found someone;

Someone so special and

That someone is you.

You are far-far away.

But always remember

An idiot is here forever waiting for you.

Whenever you ask and whenever you need.

I’m here to take care.

It would be so stupid

Of me if I would keep this love

For my whole life unwrapped.

Was looking for a perfect moment.

Cos I couldn’t appear from nowhere

And express my feelings.

No matter how long it may take,

What it may cost or

What I have to go through;

But I would let you know one-blue-day,

That I love you, I thought.

Sea wipes away the footprints

That lies on its shore.

But I tell you

I’ll have hurdles in life

But this hurdle will never

Let me forget you.

Words still uncompleted,

Lots to write about love

The love I never knew about.

But I have to keep the pen,

In one end, sooner or later;

And yet if you don’t accept me,

And yet if you leave me;

As if you never knew anything.

I would drink wine to the fullest

Till I get drunk.

To forget you and my feelings.

But I know I won’t forget you.

Cos I love you truly and invaluably.

And if I die with a bad-heart,

With a bad breath and foul-scent-body;

Remember that I was waiting for you,

Is waiting and will wait for you.

Forever, love you till million stars vanish.