An eRead: Truly Madly Yours

by admin

The increase use and popularity of digital copies has led to the re-publication of books along with modernized book covers. When you don’t follow an author as closely as you should, you can get confused on what’s actually a new release or re-issued book. This is what happened with me and ‘Truly Madly Yours’ by Rachel Gibson. I actually had a different view of the book until I realized it was published in 1999 (her second published book).

Rachel Gibson’s ‘Truly Madly Yours’ tells the story of a former Truly, Idaho town local, Delaney Shaw, who is bound to inherit her stepfather’s fortune; but in condition that she stays in the gossip-thriving town for a year and not have a sexual relationship with the well-known bad boy, Nick Allegrezza.. No problem, Delaney hates him anyway. If only she could erase that steamy night with him on the hood of his Mustang.

Most of my ‘to-read’ pile consists of historical novels. That’s why I occasionally turn to Rachel Gibson in times of frustration with the opposite of sex. BEST REVENGE EVER. Her male characters are always so masculine and seductive. He always knows what to say to his woman that makes the reader not want to put the book down. When I think about it, books by Rachel Gibson always lead to an all-nighter. Her books are THAT HOT!

Her heroines are as strong as the male lead. Gibson always writes about women who you never think to star in romance novels (from hairdressers to playboy bunnies). The women are different persons compared to what their exteriors show. The hero and heroine tend to be mismatched but that’s the fun and imagination of Rachel Gibson.

I originally thought ‘Truly Madly Yours’ was a typical book coming from her. But since it is actually one of her earliest books, I commend her for finding her voice and writing style so early on in her career. It’s very hard for new published writers to do this. Obviously, Rachel Gibson has learned along the way to continue to play with her strengths and the rest I can say is a history of great books where women can fantasize about a man, who may or may not be so different from the real man who is sleeping nearby!


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