Amanda + Lauren #FridayImInLove Catalyst Couple

by Angela Craft

Avon Romance is thrilled to partner with Catalyst Wedding Co. to highlight true life love stories on our page in a new feature we’re calling #FridayImInLove. Every few weeks, we will post a personal vignette, each reflecting the many beautiful, diverse ways we can find our own HEA in the real world. This week’s #CatalystCouple is Amanda and Lauren, who wrote and orchestrated a deeply personal ceremony.

Photo credit: Amanda Summerlin

“Our ceremony was, and is, the most meaningful aspect of our wedding for the both of us. Lauren wrote the whole thing. (Amanda: I would love to take even partial credit for it, but I can’t. I contributed maybe ten words total. The rest of the time she just read me what she wrote while I cried. Good tears, obviously.) We loved that our vows were written to reflect our lives together—our joys, our struggles, our shared experiences—but it was also important that we each repeated those same vows to one another. Every part of our ceremony reflected a piece of us and our history, including the fact that one of our best friends (and one of the first people to ever know we were a couple) officiated. We feel so incredibly lucky to have shared that moment with our closest friends and family, and we had the best time celebrating with everyone the rest of the evening.”

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Photos: Amanda Summerlin