2017 Avon Author Reading Wish List

by Angela Craft

As the new year dawned, we asked several Avon authors to weigh in with what’s on their reading wish list in 2017. Get ready to add some more books to your TBR stack!

Katharine Ashe (The Duke, September)

The book I’m dying to read in 2017 is Maya Rodale’s It’s Hard Out Here for a Duke (December). It’s the finale of her witty, adorable, and delicious Keeping Up With the Cavendishes quartet, a series about three American sisters who arrive in London with their completely wonderful brother, the new Duke of Durham, and immediately get up to lots and lots of fun, sexy shenanigans. Each of the sister’s novels plays off a modern rom con (Bridget Jones’s Diary, Chasing Amy, and She’s All That). Since every book made me love James Cavendish even more, I cannot wait to see what Maya has planned for him. I mean… I have suspicions… but I’m not saying a word till I’ve indulged in the whole yummy book. 🙂

day-of-duchess-mm-cSophie Barnes (A Most Unlikely Duke, July)

Having just finished reading A Scot in the Dark by Sarah MacLean, I have to say that the one book I absolutely have to read next year – the one that I cannot do without – is The Day of the Duchess (July). Sarah MacLean has been on my auto buy list ever since I read A Rogue By Any Other Name. She’s superb! Her witty dialogue and interesting characters never fail to intrigue. She’s one of those authors who will keep me up all night with pages turning faster than a jet engine! Looking forward to this new installment in her delicious Scandal & Scoundrel series, we find our heroine, Seraphina, Duchess of Haven, return from exile to a husband in need of an heir. The only problem is that Sera has no interest in rekindling any kind of relationship with the man who once broke her heart. But Haven is determined, and with the summer stretched out before him and in close proximity to his tempting wife, he has every intention of reminding Sera of the passion that initially brought them together.

Lisa Berne (You May Kiss the BrideApril)

I’m dying to get my mitts on the first book in Loretta Chase’s new series, which has the irresistible hook of three high-ranking, good-looking men competing for the title of Worst Duke in London. For this first book, coming in the fall, Loretta’s bringing her signature wit, meticulous research, and smooth-as-silk writing style to a runaway-bride trope — a personal favorite of mine and I eagerly anticipate shenanigans of the highest order.

Megan Frampton (My Fair Duchess, March)

I was asked for the book I am MOST anticipating in 2017, and since I am an overachiever, I’m sharing three books I am MOST anticipating. 

 The first is KJ Charles’s Wanted: A Gentleman, a historical romance set in the Regency whose heroes are a newspaperman and a merchant who set off together on a road trip to return a wayward heiress. Charles’s books are deliciously romantic, yes, but she also pays deep attention to what was happening in the world at the time. Apparently this book, one of whose heroes is black, tackles the abolition movement.

 The next is Sarah MacLean’s Day of the Duchess. When I read The Rogue Not Taken, I loathed the Duke of Haven for his horrible (and public) treatment of his wife. How will MacLean possibly redeem him?!? I cannot wait!

 And the final one is Etched in Bone, the fifth book in Anne Bishop’s The Others series. There’s a been a very slow-burn romance between the heroine, a blood prophet, and the hero (of sorts) a wolf shifter. Then there’s the political upheaval between the Others (all non-humans in the world) and the humans, who are determined to claim their world back. 

Laura Lee Guhrke (The Truth about Love and Dukes, April)

The next book on my Reading Wish List is The Wicked City, by Beatriz Williams, coming out in January. Jazz Age New York, a hot Prohibition agent, and a saucy redhead who lives above a speakeasy. What’s not to love?

Beverly Jenkins (Breathless, February)

As some of you may or may not know, my genre of choice is fantasy. Authors like Jim Butcher. Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Richard Kadrey, and Ben Aaronovitch, are among those I totally fangirl over. Now if Santa had a way of making Christmas book wishes come true, he’d have on his sleigh, Silence Fallen – Book 10 in the Misty Thompson series by Patricia Biggs.  It goes on sale in March but I don’t want to have to wait that long. Misty is a Volkswagen mechanic and so much more.  If you enjoy fantasy and aren’t familiar with the series, run – don’t walk – to your favorite book retailer and pick up book 1 –  Moon Called.  May all your book wishes come true.

furyonfire-mm-cJennifer Ryan (His Cowboy Heart, February)

I love a captivating read. I need one to get through my treadmill workout. And I found it with Sophie Jordan’s Devil’s Rock series. I devoured the first two books, and I can’t wait to read Fury on Fire (February). Ever since North got injured in a prison riot in Hell Breaks Loose, I’ve wanted to know what happened to him. I know how he ended up in jail and how he’s changed since All Chained Up. The once nice guy has turned hard and doesn’t believe life has much to offer anymore, but I’m hoping a little Faith – as in the girl next door – will bring out the man he used to be and they’ll both find that love is worth fighting for.

Lynsay Sands (Falling for the Highlander, February)

The book at the top of my reading wish list is Dean Koontz’s The Silent Corner. It was the first line in the description that caught my attention: I very much need to be dead. And I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  According to the back of the book, those were the last words left by a man who seemed to have everything to live for and now, his widow is determined to find out what happened to him no matter the cost.  It sounds like that just leads her into trouble, but then, if it didn’t, there wouldn’t be a story, would there? LOL. I can’t wait to read it. Unfortunately, I’ll have to. It doesn’t come out until June. Bummer!  But I’ll wait…impatiently, but I’ll wait.

accidentallyonpurpose-mm-cLori Wilde (Million Dollar Cowboy, April)

I am so looking forward to reading Accidentally on Purpose by Jill Shalvis (January). I love Jill’s books and eagerly await each release, but Accidentally on Purpose includes one of my favorite romance tropes – friends to lovers. Plus I’ve already fallen in love with Elle and Archer as secondary characters from this awesome series, and I’ve been holding my breath for their romance. And I can’t wait to watch Archer sabotage Elle’s dates with other men. I’m rubbing my hands in anticipatory glee!

What are you looking forward to reading in 2017?